Posted by: Mayu | May 7, 2010

Finally meeting up Hannah again! :D

I was happy to see Hannah writing on my blog again, she asked if anyone could open their gates now. Luckily I was at the same time there so I opened my gates to let her visit Mitsukyo ^^

Hi Hannah! I’m glad to meet you up again, our last first meeting was sooo extremely short xP

Here you are! Welcome to Mitsukyo! 😀

Haha she asked if my frog is ‘Fatty Brenda’ but then I showed her my real Fatty Brenda, the ocean sunfish 😉

I ordered some furniture items for Laras and Rory but I allowed Hannah to touch them all to get them in her catalogue 😉

We had a nice chit-chat and I showed her my town.

Isn’t she cute on this pic? 😀

Later on Laras also came for a visit, yay! Hehe, she has also got a pretty bun x3

I’m wearing one of Hannah’s designs and also let her display it at my Ables, it’s really a beautiful dress. And Laras looks awesome in her fire look! 😮

Later on I’ve opened again my gates for Laras and her brother Hareta, but I wasn’t able to take some pics of it as I was very busy at home.
Hope to see you all next Friday again! 😀



  1. Oakville will be the second Mitsukyo! :mrgreen:
    just need more trees, flowers, and wait till the summer for my shark(switch for ocean sunfish)
    will anyone help me think of a name? 🙂
    Reward: 10,000 bells

  2. I thought the frog was Fatty Brenda because I had never seen one before…then I caught one the next day!:D

    • I was super embarrased when you showed me the real fatty brenda, I felt like sliding underneath her tank lol.

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