Posted by: Mayu | May 7, 2010

6AM… dun…dun…DUN!

In my evening I had today Luke and Rebecca as guests. Here I’m standing with Rebecca in front of Ables sisters ^^

While Luke was afk, we both went fishing. The seahorse had an irritating odour! 😛 😆

Later on Nici also dropped by, but she had to go very soon again ;). But thanks for visiting me Nici 😀

When Wifi crashed there have been Rebecca, Rory and Elo in Mitsukyo. Rebecca is changing clothes right at the moment I took that pic, and earlybird Elo (it was around 5.30AM in real life for her 😛 ) is the cute girl next to me 😉

Rory, me, Elo and Rebecca from left to right.

Then we went to Rory, as she wanted to introduce us her friend Babi ^^

🙂 Nice to meet you, I’m sorry that this pic is so blurry 😦 .

Well Wifi crashed for another time and Rory didn’t open again so I decided to go to Elo’s town 😉

Elo and me in front of the bulletin board.

I was surprised to see Redd’s tent still in town. And it’s even closed! 😮
(well, normally I don’t play at such an early hour lol)

Inside Elo’s house I’ve found this BEAUTIFUL room!! Isn’t it awesome?? 😯 😮

Later on we headed back to Redd’s tent. I was curious what will happen when a new day will start here at 6AM. Will Redd’s tent disappear? Will he be open? So we waited a couple of minutes until it was 6AM…


…to see that nothing happened! -.- How BORING!!! XDD 😆
Well over Wifi a lot of events just don’t happen, even the announcement of the townhall that a new ACWW day has begun didn’t appear 😛

I little disappointed about this I had to go back to my town and end the gameplay of today 😉

Thanks for the fun, Luke, Rebecca, Nici, Rory, Elo and Babi 😉



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  2. But if you stand where Redd’s tent is the day before he comes, and then at 6am when it’s there, it does the scorpion/tarantula thing and you go back to your house.

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