Posted by: Mayu | May 6, 2010

Turnips in Funky, fun in Mitsukyo, funtown and London

Oh dear, it has been a while when I posted last time and I wasn’t still finished about reporting of my thursday. Sorry for the delay! >.<

My evening started with turnip rush in Meow's town Funky. She had a lovely price of 376 bells there and it took me around 7 times to sell all of them xP.

Thanks a lot for your info and patience, Meow! She even changed her time on DS that I can sell them in my evening, aww that was so kind of her! You’re the best, Meow! 😉 ~♥

Later on I openend my gates with Miki to play with my younger friends ^^

Nici in red nice shirt and Luke were soon there 🙂

Ugghh, the wind in Mitsukyo looks very cold! 😛 And it was also raining, what a bad weather! >.< brrrr!

Of course we had Wifi crashes again tonight, this time Rory also came through my gates again, woot! 😉

Another crash, someone else opened gates. Nici was it this time. Yay, nice to be here in funtown! 😀

Such a cool path pattern! 😮

Haha! Together with Rory I’ve checked Nici’s turnip price and it was even 534!! 😯 Eeek! xDD But I wasn’t angry at all about it, 376 bells was also superb 😉

Rory tried the baby hoodie at Ables, how cute! x3

And we all tried to catch a froggie! 😀 (but I wasn’t lucky)

Another crash, this time we went to Rory’s place London.

I think her Ruby wears a really pretty shirt pattern on this pic ^^

And here I look like Angus Young from AC/DC, if you know him xDD.

After the next Wifi crash, I couldn’t come back again, sorry about that.
It was a great evening, thanks to you 😉



  1. In the third pic down, the way the raindrops are place make Nici look like a doll on strings! 😀

    • oO Haha! You’re right ! 😆

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