Posted by: Mayu | May 6, 2010

Elo, the chameleon! ;)

I had a very fun morning together with Elo ^^

First I’ve seen her gates open and when I got in I saw a drooling, sleeping girl near the bulletin board. Ok, nvm, then I’ll wait for her and go exploring the town 😉

I didn’t have to wait for long and she was back and we popped some party poppers near her house, yaaay! 😀

Her town is amazing, she hacked it with a lot of trees surrounding the path and it’s really a beautiful unique town ^^

But her Nookingtons was VERY empty 😆 (when you hack a Nookingtons you’ll always have only those numbers of items on display what you used to have in your Nook shop before. When it was only Nooks Cranny you had before, you’ll only get these poorly items to buy at the cheated Nookingtons xP)

1 carpet, 1 wallpaper, 2 furnitures in upper floor, what a waste of room! Lol!

Umm, maybe I shouldn’t make it that ridiculous, the nephews look quite angry on this pic 😆

After that I invited her to come to my town:

Elo is so pretty! 😀

Yay, I caught my first froggy of this year! 😀 It’s so cute when they struggle in your hand 😉

Hehehe, Elo was on the verge of popping the party popper 😉

And we enjoyed a roman candle! 😀

Pudge moved to my town and poor Elo was also packed up 😛

I had such a lot of fun seeing her walking through different furnitures, have a look on my collage:

Tehehehe 😆 Btw, she used Action Replay to do that with the ghostwalker code 😉

But my favourite scene was this:

EEEEK! What the heck is that?? 😯

WHAM! Better close it! 😛

xD. Elo, that was a hilarious morning, thanks a lot for that! 😉



  1. was hast du auf dem ersten bild im haar ?

    • Da hab ich ein Löwenzahn (wo die noch gelbe Blüten hat) im Haar ^^

      • sieh aber interessant aus 😀

  2. what a funky day u must of had! elo’s shirt was so sexy sexy.

  3. That was a fun day 😛
    I wonder if anyone still plays anymore?

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