Posted by: Mayu | May 5, 2010

Did you know… (Part 33: Lock Neighbours)

… that you can lock your favourite neighbours in your town, preventing them to move out as long as you want to?

This is only possible by using a trick. And in our adult group on Animal Crossing Community we used it a lot and a lot of people can confirm that it really works.

How you do this is:

You need an event where the neighbour you want to lock in asks you to deliver either a letter or an item to another neighbour. In this case Baabara asked Yuki if she could bring a letter to her friend Vesta (it’s Dolly in German) 🙂 .

Baabara:’Do you think you can do it within 10 minutes? Or is it too difficult for you?’
Phew, only 10 minutes?? 😮 Hurry up, Yuki!!!

Luckily I’ve found Vesta after I was running through my town for about three times, eek! *panic*

Ok, now give the letter to the receiver and don’t open it! 😉

Of course Vesta was pleased about it, she likes to have letters from Baabara. 😀

Vesta:’ Yuki, please say thanks to Baabara, ok?’
So far so good! Until here it’s just a normal delivery but now you have to be careful. Although the neighbour asked you to go back to the sender and to talk to him that you’ve done the quest… don’t do it! 🙂

With this open task, you’re able to lock both sender and receiver!
(I’ve locked Baabara AND Vesta with this trick, yay)

That’s why I recommend you to use a spare chara, which you don’t play a lot in the game, because everytime you talk to the sender again (in my case it’s Baabara)

you may accidently press the first option (I don’t know the exact English phrase for it, but it means ‘Done!’ – ‘Erledigt!’) and when you do that, you unlock them both, so that they’re able to move out of your town again.

But when you’re careful and don’t press the ‘Done’-option, your favourite neighbour will stay FOREVER!!!





  1. Lol nice trick that is cool I like it

  2. Hmm, I hadn’t heard of this trick before. Very interesting. I’ll have to try this sometime; my favorite neighbors always want to move away. xD

  3. 😆 whenever Yuki is about to blink she looks a bit evilish. the chain on the last pic reminds me of Super Mario 64.

  4. Hey Mayu! You decided to make this “Did you know…” after I asked you about it, didn’t you?
    Ha ha it’s fine. I don’t need credit or anything. 🙂

    • Tee hee, yes, actually I got asked this questions several times from my blog readers so I thought it’s time for another ‘Did you know’ part now 😉
      Thanks again for your inspiration 😀

  5. wow! thats so cool!

  6. hab noch ma fragen
    wie hast du di patterns page gemacht
    und wie hast du diese blaue leiste gemacht
    lg. becci 😉

    • Ähm ich bin mir nicht sicher was du genau meinst, aber meine pattern page ist eigentlich eine Tabelle, in der ich Bilder und Links eingefügt habe.
      Wenn du auf meine rechte Widgetseite guckst, da steht unter ‘Categories’ auch ‘WordPress hints’. Dort habe ich versucht zu erklären wie man das mit Hilfe von html-Codes hinkriegt, aber ich muss zugeben, es ist nicht leicht zu verstehen 😳

      Welche blaue Leiste meinst du denn?

      • die mit dem turnip ticker und dem blogrrol sorry weiß aber nich wie man sie nennt

        • Oh da gibt es ganz viele verschiedene ‘Widgets’, du kannst mal gucken was es da so alles gibt:
          gehe zu ‘My Dashboard’ – ‘Appearance’ – ‘Widget’
          Für den turnip ticker habe ich ein Textwidget genommen, wo ich per html code eine Tabelle eingefügt habe.
          Wenn du ein Widget benutzen/ausprobieren möchtest, schieb es einfach auf deine ‘Sidebar’ rechts rüber auf der Seite, schon müsste es eingefügt sein 😉

  7. Have to do that to hopper and Alfonzo!

  8. Wow, I never knew that! :O
    I’ll have to try it! Thanks!

  9. Nice! Your two sheep locked with one letter! 😀 Evil Mayu 😈

    And your German Baabara’s letter completely reminded me of an old song xD
    “Hello, Dolly,
    Well Hello, Dolly,
    It’s so nice to have you back where you belong
    You’re looking swell, Dolly,
    We can tell, Dolly …” Haha etc etc etc 😛

    • Haha, yes and even the name Baabara reminds me of Barbra Streisand who sang this song in the musical 😆

      • Wow, really? Haha, I had no idea she sang that! 😆

  10. I locked Lucy and Maple just this morning!!hahaaa!I’m so glad because Lucy is my favourite and Maple is another one of my favourites!Thanks for posting this : Did you know part, because it was soooooooooooo helpful!

    • Aww thanks for this nice comment 😉
      I’m glad when it helps people 😀

  11. Nice trick! 😀 im ay b english, but still, COOOOL!

  12. Cool, ich wusste gar nicht, dass das geht oO Bleiben die dann für immer in deiner Stadt?

    • Solange bis du die Lieferung bestätigst, ja 😉

  13. Hello Mayu,

    this trick awesome! I can’t thank you enough for it!
    Your whole block is just the best!


    • Aww thanks a lot for your nice comment Yuki-chan 😉

      • I’ve tried the trick three times now and…it works *yay*
        Koko & Doro now are locked by the same letter.

        (Changed my name but its still me – Yuki-chan 😉 )

        • nice, well done Yukichan ^^

          • Well, I’m reading your blog for a long time now and I really found a lot of helpful things here, so I wanted to thank you and made a TownMap of your town (as a model, I used your sceenshot).

            I don’t know if you could use it or even like it, but it was the only idea that crossed my mind ^^;;;

            • Wow Yuki! That looks like you had a lot of work! 😮
              Thanks so much, I really appreciate it and I’ll put it up into my ACWW stats!
              It’s really great! 😀

              • I’m happy you like it! =)
                Than it was worth the work ^-^v

                • Yuki-chan! I’ve seen your blog! WHAT AWESOME PLUSHIES you’ve created! 😯
                  I wanted to leave a comment there, but it didn’t allow other people than livejournal members to comment there (maybe you can change it? 😛 )
                  For anyone else who is reading it please look at these beautiful felt plushies of Ruby and Tangy!

                  Can I add you to my blogroll? 🙂

  14. I heard that you could do almost the same trick while doing Nook’s job. I used a spare character to lock in Dora. When Nook asked me to deliver something, I didn’t deliver it. Dora was in my town for over a year! I finally decided to let her leave. I do think your way is better, since now I can keep two villagers with one character. Thanks!

    • Ohh thanks for this info Jeronimo, it’s new to me! 😀

  15. Thank you so much for visiting by first blog!!! \^-^/
    I would be really happy if you would add me to your blogroll! May I post the link to your site on my blog too?

    I think I’ve changed the settings now, so that you could leave a comment if you want to.
    I’m so happy, my first visitor! ^____^

    I’m planning to do Bunny and Dotty too, but they are a bit difficult, because of their two-color skin.

    • Sure, I would be also happy to see my blog in your blogroll 😉
      And thanks for changing the settings, I’ve also left a comment there now ^^

      • Thanks so much for your comment! =)

        First I didn’t know that and who to change the settings ^^ Gladly I flound it ^^;;;

        I made a post of your Blog in mine. And thanks for listing me in your blogroll!

        • Wow thanks for this big advertisement! 😯
          I didn’t expect that! xDD 😳 😉

          • I have answerd you in my blog now (I have finally understand how to reply on a comment ^^).

            I really like your blog, so it was fun creating my entry about yor blog ^___^v

  16. i dont get it.

  17. WOW I so got to do that!
    Oh and I’ve got vesta in my town now but shes very ill shes actually not getting better no matter how much medicine I give her any advice?
    Baabra was in my town but she moved out I wish I’d done this before though!

    • Well, to heal her very quickly is just… to open your gates ones (it doesn’t matter if it’s over DS to DS or over Wifi) lol!
      Otherwise I also have to give them medicine for around 3 days and after that visit her again and they’ll give you a present (a random one like usual) as reward ^^.

      • Cool thanks much x

  18. Wow! Thanks! ^^
    But if I locked two neighbours and play with another character and one of the locked neighbours wants me to deliver something and I’ll click “Done!” then… is the neighbour unlocked again?

    • No, the other one still hasn’t finished this event, so your neighbour will still be locked.

  19. Wow, I can’t wait to try that in my new town- I got tired of my old town and my friend Lindsey is going to come over sometime this week and allow me to send my person (by the way, I packed all my items in the mail and got a whole bunch of letters and put my irreplacable items in the saved mail) to her town while I delete my town. Long explanation, ookayy. Anyways once I get Aurora and Ruby in my town I’ll lock ’em in! HAHA!

    • Hello thefifthkirby, thanks for your comment ^^
      It’s really a good idea to keep your valuable items in those letter, I also do that to store all my neighbour pics, otherwise my cabinets would be full all the time xP.
      Good luck to you to lock Aurora and Ruby 🙂

  20. Wow i never knew that…
    That’s a really good idea! I think I’ll lock Apollo and… someone else. (Idk who. No one else in my town is that special…) 😀 Thanks for the useful tips! They are really helpful!

    • Thanks for your kind comment Josh! 😀

  21. a bom oh thats so evil!

  22. thanks for finding that! now the 2 villigers that i like so much can never ever move out! >:D in a conversation between pinky and punchy, i found out that punchy likes me!!!! 🙂 ive been nice to him ever since i found out that he likes me

  23. THANKS! gabi and punchy keep trying to move away but now I HAVE THEM locked

  24. OMG I never knew that you could do that! I had lilly move away and I was so sad!

  25. oh cool! Dang it I could’ve done that to Blaire and Alice! :/ oh well too late

  26. yay!now ima try to lock maple in XD

  27. y is it in german?

  28. heh im going to LOCK EVERYBODY IN!! MAWAH HA HA! 😈

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