Posted by: Mayu | May 5, 2010

Annoying Wifi crashes and crazy Victoria

Baaah, that was a bad Wifi evening for Miki again tonight! 😦
All I had was Wifi crash after Wifi crash. The people who visited me were:

Luke, Rory and Vivien (left, in front, right)

and Rebecca, Vivien and Rory (from front to back)
Also when I tried to visit them instead, we had not much fun together, Wifi always crashed after around 2 minutes.

So I’ve decided to swap to Yuki instead and our connection was way better here 😉

The tanned beauties are Choco at the left and Victoria at the right ^^

Haha we happened to have almost the same clothes – Victoria and me 😉

Having an umbrella fashion show. Liz was also there she was wearing the umbrella at the very left.

Lol!! Victoria had to do some crazy emotions! 😆 Ah, and the red ponytailed lady is Liz 😉

Wearing our WWAG uniforms! 😛

Oh and I also have 2 pics of yesterday:

This was sleeping Unkochan and there I’ve also met

Maggie ^^

Hope Wifi is working better tomorrow 😉



  1. i like this post yes first comment

  2. i like the fasion show idea 🙂

  3. Hi Mayu!
    I’ve been playing Pokemon for a while so I need to catch up on ACWW…
    So how are you? Lol I assume you deleted my friend code ‘cuz I’m never on…Not that I have access to wifi…

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