Posted by: Mayu | May 3, 2010

Julia from Zychowo is back! :D

Before I report about Miki’s evening I have to show you some pics of my morning ^^:

I had a date with Rebecca around 10AM and was glad to see her dropping by ^^

Tee hee, she fell in love to Paige_x’s pattern :mrgreen:

So here we’re in twin look and soon after that she also had to go.
Thanks for your visit Rebecca! 😀

Now to my biggest news for today:

Julia from Zychowo is back! WOOHOOO! I really was very glad to meet her up again, the last time I saw her was last November. And she has been such a loooong blog reader, her first post on my blog was even on 17th June 2008!! 😮
Thanks for being such a good ACWW friend to me, Julia ~♥

A few minutes later my town was filled with Nici at the left and Bliss in her cute ladybug costume 🙂

Here we’re in Zychowo now. Ahhh, old good memories are coming up to my mind! 😀

And inside her Ables we’ve found her really pretty patterns and even a crown for a million bells xP

Bliss and I tried a beautiful pattern of Julia each ^^

Tee hee, we all look pretty on this pic 😛

After that Wifi crashed suddenly and when I came back, there were only me and Julia left 😉 . We had a nice chit-chat and soon Julia had to go.

It was great, thanks for the fun! 🙂



  1. uhhh mayu…. when the wifi-crash happened…. i think that was me trying to go to your town… 😦 😳

    • Haha no worries Icy King 😉 . It would be so nice to meet you up, so whenever you see my gates open please still try to come!! 😀 Even when Wifi crashes, it doesn’t matter! ^^

  2. Sorry I had to go, Mayu! I would’ve gone back to
    Zychowo if I hadn’t promised my little brother
    I’d play with him…thanks for the great time! 😀

    • No problem Julie and aww you’re so nice 😀

  3. JULIA!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH ITS CLAIRE!! 😀
    its been such a while, lol xD
    I miss you!!!

  4. Ah! Now I want to WiFi even more! ^^ I’m so glad that some of my old AC:WW friends are still playing. 😀

  5. Message to Julia:
    Your Alli lives in Happina now!
    And she has a peppy personality….?! xD

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