Posted by: Mayu | May 1, 2010

Paige_x’s awesome individual rooms

When I had time again to play I saw Paige_x’s town ♪Florida open so I went there as I’m always curious about new towns :3

Nice to meet you that soon again, Paige_x! 😀 Aww, what lovely path patterns you have! 😮

Hee hee, she also had a lot of fancy shirt patterns in front of her house. I was surprised when she told me that they’re variations of ‘Mayu’s shirt’, they look so different to me, such a nice idea! 🙂

But more amazing was her house…!

This is the main room, it had a very nice combination of all important household things like kitchen, bathroom, living room – all in one room. 🙂 She did it, because the other rooms are reserved for each chara in her game.

And look! How individual they are! 😯 This is Paige_x’s room, soo awesome!!

I don’t know the other chara’s names but the individual style of each room is superb! 😀 Especially the selfdesigned carpet/wallpapers are amazing!

This striped room was also really great! 🙂

Haha, what a crazy room! xD I liked it! ^^

Then we went shopping and found this stroller.

Awww, I think I never had a better pic of the teddy inside! So cute! x3 ~♥

Lol! We both are wearing one of Paige_x’s selfdesigned shirts, aren’t we pretty? Victoria looks jealous! 😛

After that we were waiting for another friend of Paige_x. C’mon, I don’t have much time left xD

Ahh there she is!

May I introduce you: it’s Nessie from sahndi, nice to meet you! 🙂

After a short chit-chat I had already to go, it was late here 😉

You surprised me with a wonderful house, Paige_x! Hope to see you all soon again! 🙂



  1. wahooo!!! it was well fun!! lol im sorry bout the pear wardrobe in the pink room lol XD and the blue room with the odd wall lol XD but on the other hand we had a really great time xx

  2. hi its me the other paige wolfie 😀 im on my other blog, awwh i wish i cud of cum u looked like u had a lto of fun paige and mayu 😀 btw paige_x can you plese re register my new fc on my blog cheers

    • Hi Wolfie! 😀 Long time no see, we have to meet up someday again!!

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