Posted by: Mayu | May 1, 2010

Miki’s newest friends: Bliss (aka Julie) and Paige_x

Yay, it’s May again! Time to catch some froggies x3!
But I haven’t caught any yet but opened my gates in the later evening again 😉

And as guests I had: Bliss from Happiña, also known as Julie or Julie#2. I had her once in my roster as SweatPea from Royalla but we weren’t able to meet up before ;), so this was our first meeting ^^. Welcome!

And two others filled up my town soon: Rebecca from Sunnset at the very left and the red ponytailed girl is Paige_x, another new friend from ♪Florida, hii! 😀
Oh my, do I look VERY bored on this pic 😕 , but let me assure you it was the opposite 😆

Ahh, now you can all see their faces! 🙂

All went to see my house. Here I am with Paige_x in my yellow room…

… together with Rebecca in my music room and (tee hee, we had a lot of fun)…

Bliss and me visited my pet Fatty Brenda! 😀

Later on Rebecca had to go and Nici from funtown came instead, hello! ^^

We had a nice chit-chat together 🙂

Some group pics of us: Paige_x, me, Nici

And: Bliss, me, Nici 🙂

Later on Rory also came for a visit, but then Wifi crashed and I wasn’t able to get back that soon again.

Thanks for all the fun, girls!! 😀



  1. war mal wieder cool!

    • hi nici fand ich auch cool

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