Posted by: Mayu | April 30, 2010

Visiting Rebecca from Sunnset

Yay, in the evening I was able to meet up my German friend Rebecca finally in her town Sunnset 😀 . We’ve been trying that for several days now, but either I had no time or she couldn’t open and so I was quite happy that she still was open although I came 1 hour later than ususal 😉

WOOT! Here I am in Sunnset! Wow, your flag is glowing!! 😀 And is a wonderful contrast to the dark evening colours of the town ^^

Rebecca has got a nice pond too in Sunnset. And I saw another water pattern here that was also really beautiful!

A sight from above, here you can see the water pattern better.

Let’s go inside Rebecca’s house!

She has a lot of Gulliver items in her main room like the tribal mask, the Plate armor or the pagoda! 😀 Great!

The green room was filled with neighbour pics and bugs! ^^

And I liked the cabana room a lot in the upper room!

Having tea together ~♥ Yummy!

We found several evil mushrooms in Sunnset and tried to catch them! :mrgreen:

But the Goombas always were able to escape 😛

Her Ables was filled with LOADS of super cute shirts! 😯

I chose this one here! 😀 I love the blue/green circles on it ^^ And also Rebecca’s purple leopard pattern looks awesome!

A pic of us together in Mallary’s house before I had to go, cheeese!

I enjoyed this evening a lot, thank you Rebecca! 😀 😀


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