Posted by: Mayu | April 30, 2010

Snail hunting

Friday afternoon, my time to play with my Indonesian/Australian friends again ^^

Huh? Who came to my town? It has been Lola and Laras combined 😆

Tee hee, here you can see Laras better 😉

And Lola was busy in fetching some normal spare flowers behind my town hall 😀

Hareta was also there, woot! ^^

Laras and Hareta both needed a snail for their museum, so we walked through the town and looking for snails, as it was also raining in Mitsukyo 🙂

Ha! There’s one! Can you spot it? But unfortunately the snail ran away when Laras tried to catch it…

Another one on pink cosmos! Slowly Laras, slowly~… 😮

WHACK! That looks good, yay! 😀

WOOHOO! Got one! 😀

Next turn is Hareta!

There’s one on pink tulip! 😮

WHACK! Awww, it ran away, although it looked so good! 😦

Hareta wasn’t able to catch one in my town, what a pity. Hope you’ll get soon another chance, Hareta 😉

Then we decided to go to Lance, the town of Laras :D. But I’ll write about it in my next post ^^



  1. hey um can you catch pondskaters in someone elses town because i still need to catch one…

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