Posted by: Mayu | April 30, 2010

A walk through pretty Lance

ACWW took me within 1 minute to Indonesia to the town Lance of Laras! 😀
(Haha it’s still amazing for me, that we can virtually go to ALL over the world in just a few seconds XD)

Wow, your townflag is awesome, Laras! Lola and Hareta joined our party, too! 😀

Her town was beautiful arranged with flowers (all planted in pairs to breed hybrids, very good 😀 ) and a path was guiding us to every house in Lance 🙂

Laras still had Nookway, so Lola and me bought something from there. I think you should have now Nookingtons? 😉

Yep, better save that progress. As you can see on my pic, the German version for Nookway is ‘MegaNook’ 😛 (after that it’s called ‘HyperNook’ 😆 )

Laras and me in her house. Isn’t it lovely? 😀

In her lovely room she also had a goldfish as pet! ^^ I asked for the name, but I didn’t remember it, sorry xP

Yay, cute beach towels! 😀

And I also found my Poncho just moved in! Haha don’t look so angry, Poncho! xP

Oh I realise now, that I hardly had any pictures of you, Hareta and especially Lola, I’m sorry about that 😦
Next time I’ll try better, thanks for all the fun today you three! 😀



  1. Laras telled me his name is goldi

    • Ah thanks! Goldy fits perfectly lol!

      • my goldfish named mr goldfish

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