Posted by: Mayu | April 29, 2010

Rory and Resetti alternating…

(argh sorry, today I’ve got to update a lot of posts about my last gameplays, so be prepared to see around 5 new posts on this blog, after that I’ll go to answer all your comments 😉

In the evening I saw Rory’s town London open and I went there ^^

Rory is at the very front with her nice blue shirt, behind me Luke also came for a visit 🙂

Yay, a new house expansion. Congrats, Rory! 😀

Tee hee you look really cute :3

But Resetti not!!! 👿 Maaaaahhhhh! 👿

There has been several crashes after that here I was open with my gate instead and Nici was just at my gates 😀

A last pic of us all (Rory, Luke and Nici) before I had another crash 👿

Back in London again, I’ve brought Rory’s chara pattern and here we’re wearing it! Yay, we’re the Rory Fan-Club! :mrgreen:

I thought it’s quite amusing that Big Top is actually wearing his basic No. 3-Shirt. Everytime I had him or saw him in other towns, he was always wearing other things than that 😉

Later on Daniel also tried to come, before… yes, before Wifi crashed another time *sigh* . I gave it up again after that 😛

Thanks anyway for being so patient and trying to open the gates all over the crashes again, Rory 😉

PS: I’ve hidden a secret picture in this post, have you found it? 😛



  1. yup, i saw it! is it the yyaawwwwnnn?

    • yep :mrgreen:

  2. Mki where is it? I can´t find!

    • Tee hee, when you hover with your mouse over the pics, on one of them you can click and see another one 😉

  3. its cute! hehe

  4. yep i found it your sleeping

    • hahaha yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnnnn lol

  5. I really like your writing style, wonderful information, regards for posting : D.

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