Posted by: Mayu | April 28, 2010

Random pics and Lola’s flower-town Honeeë

Sorry for the delay again, I’m really busy these days 😳
Wednesday evening I also ummm ‘tried’ to play with Miki, but it turned out just as a whole Wifi crash mess… 😦
The only pic I could take of was this:

Rory with the yellow cap and Luke behind her 😉
After several crashes I just had no fun in playing ACWW that evening and played a Rhythm game instead (it’s called Rhythm Tengoku Gold – awesome! (but in Japanese) For a trailer look here: Rhythm Tengoku Gold Ads ;))

My ACWW game on thursday started with a blink of visit by Tess 😉

She only has got 10 minutes time to play in the morning.

But I was glad to see her again and she even left a really pretty pattern at my Ables 😉 Thanks for coming over! 😀

After that I saw Lola’s town Honeeë open and decided to pay her a visit ^^

Hi Lola! 😀 I really like your green hair! :3

Haha instead of ‘Lola’s shop’ I’ve read ‘Lola’s shoe’ there xP. Stupid me! 😆

Yay, another frog pond! 😀 Her town is amazing, everywhere you can find LOADS of flowers 😮

And rabbits, how cute! 😀

Lola’s nice house with blue roof and no light inside lol!

Just when I looked into the cash register in her shop, Lola came into this room, too! xP Cough, I did nothing! :mrgreen:

Great patterns in front of the house. It remembers me of something, but I can’t say what.

Tee hee, a rabbit and its rabbit house 🙂

I enjoyed your lovely town Lola! 😀



  1. Umm how do you get the sold out signs?

  2. its probably an acww cheat because I’ve got that same code!
    P.S. Mayu the pattern in front of her house is of Chowder; It’s a children’s show, basicly a cartoon.

    ♥♥Zoe Claire♥♥

    P.P.S. My bestie Demmitria introduced me to your website and I was in love with it!!

  3. I´ve got tht game too in english is«Rythim Paradise» i think. ^^

    • Mabelrory- Actually in english it’s called
      ‘Rythm Heaven’… Maybe I’ll get it for my

      • really? here in portugal its called like i said. its the ne with the beyonce commercial..

    • Ohh I didn’t know that they’re available also in Europe now! 😀
      My brother brought it from Japan and I really like this game. And it’s challenging!! xD (although I had piano lessons for 14 years and should know about rythm and tempo, I still feel so bad in this game lol!)

  4. Hi mayu i´ve made a blog (its quite empty)
    today im open at 6pm (your time, 5pm mine.)
    Hope wifi dont crash!! 🙂
    bye Rory

  5. aaarrrrrr the rabbits gorgeous!!!!!!!
    I really want that pattern hey is it on your website?

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