Posted by: Mayu | April 27, 2010

Victoria, Nico, Meow and Jenny

Yep, these are the ladies I’ve met today with Yuki ^^

And I’ve taken a lot of pics, so be prepared xD

My first visitor was Victoria in the morning. I’m always surprised to see such a dark tan, but she looks so pretty ~♪

We enjoyed my birthday cake with turnip flavour :mrgreen:

After that we tried to have a nap, but I think I was too fitful to let her sleep in peace 😛

So we strolled over my town and when I randomly looked into my recycling bin I’ve found…

4 bags of 99k bells??? 😯 😯 EEEEK?? I never checked my recycling bin when I had visitors over, so this was really just coincidence.
Thanks a lot Victoria xDD you’re really splendid 😉

Later on I went to Victoria’s town (actually we wanted to visit Choco’s town, but she wasn’t open anymore, so Victoria opened instead 😉 )
Her town is amazing!! Everywhere pink flowers! 😀

I had to screw up my eyes of such a lot of prettyness.

Haha, I liked the black main room a lot!! xD

Nico came over and I wanted to join them, but when I passed by Victoria…

I fell into a pitfall! GRRRRR!!! LOL! 😆 Who was that? XDD

You look great, Nico! 😀

Soon I had to go as my son went home from school 😉
But in the afternoon I saw Meow coming to my town (I left my gates open)

Hi *whack* Meow! *whack* Meow:’Hi’ *whack* ‘Yuki!’ *whack

As you can see we’re in good shape today lol.

My evening play started with Meow again 😉 *looks like I had a nervous eye lol*

She was so kind and ordered a shirt for Tabby. Tee hee, I’m sorry Meow, but my Tabby is locked and won’t move to your town that easily 😛

Then Jenny came over with a little whining brat cat. Thanks for that Jenny! 😀

We were greeting each other effusively with our nets. We even picked up three tiles accidently, haha!

🙄 Ummm, can we do also other things besides net whacking? 😆

Yep, going fishing! xD

Ladies, I enjoyed your visits a LOT! Thanks for that and hope to see you all soon again 🙂



  1. how can you put flowers in stone tiles i cant do that

    • Normally you can’t do that. She did it with help of Action replay and cheated the flowers to the ground

      • i want an acton replay for flowers but not money

        • you can buy them from amason

  2. Hey, I was wondering how Victoria got her skin so dark. I thought the tanning season didn’t start until July!!!
    P.S. Your gates weren’t open today with Miki at 2:00 pm for you.

    • It’s also possible to get a tan with help of Action Replay lol. Actually all unnormal things have to do somehow with cheating 😉

  3. How do you lock a neighbor in your town?

    • Oh when a neighbour gives you a task to deliver something, bring the stuff (letter or item) to the receiver, but don’t go back to the animal, to say to him that it is done! With this trick you’re able to lock both (sender and receiver) to your town, they’ll never move out as they’re waiting still for the affirmation 😉 . To unlock both again just talk to the sender and say ‘It’s done’ or whatever it is said in English version lol.
      To prevent an unintentional unlocking you better get this task with a spare chara, that you don’t often use to play in the game 😉

      • Thank you!!!

  4. Great pics! That was the longest sink in a pitfall seed I have ever seen! Funtimes!

    • Haha I didn’t press any keys to get out to quicker so that I have enough time to get a pic of it xP. That’s why it took so long 😉
      Thanks for your comment ^^

  5. Mayu may I have a copy, only if it’s ok with Meow, of her Sexy shirt design. I would like to have it for my town theme…

    Thanks alot for all that you do and put in to this website!

    ♥Zoe Claire♥

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