Posted by: Mayu | April 27, 2010

Tuesday morning with Lola

I opened my gates at 9AM again, I hoped that Hannah would come to visit me ^^

Lola from honeeE joined me and I was really happy about it, because waiting together with another friend is lot more fun 😉

She bought all my flowers from Nook and also picked some behind my townhall, where I’ve deposited all my spare normal flowers 🙂 . Are you working for perfect town, Lola? 🙂

We went visiting all my neighbours, yuck, all in all in pink was Marina xDD

Mallary was really excited to see us… -.- ‘YAAAAAWWWWN…’

A lot of orange cosmos has been growing in my town lately, I gave them to Lola as well 😉

We had a lot of fun together, but unfortunately Hannah couldn’t come, I hope to see you both soon again ^^



  1. i really want lovely stuff so pink doesn’t mind me at all ahahhahhaha

    • Tee hee, I even know a lot of adults who still like this pink furniture xD 😉

      • i only like pink if its dark pink. 😉

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