Posted by: Mayu | April 26, 2010

Hmmm…. Wifi crashes?

This evening was odd… everytime I wanted to visit Rory, Wifi crashed 😆
The only time I was able to take some pics were from the gates

Here are Luke and Vivien in my town. After a while Wifi crashed

Trying to have a talk to Rory, Luke and Vivien in London…

…but everytime I was visiting her again, Wifi crashed for another time…

People, if you want to be alone, just let me know once, please. 😉 I had the feeling someone just powered off as soon as I entered your towns (I know, it’s not you Rory), I can understand this well but as long as you don’t tell me I have to think it’s just a Wifi crash 😆
Next time please just tell me, I won’t be mad I promise 😉



  1. Mayu I sware it wasnt me. I mean y would i do tht to u?!
    im open so u can come 🙂

    • Haha I know it wasn’t you, you said it before 😉
      But somehow I also don’t think that it was Luke nor Vivien, somehow I’ve just got the feeling that our Wifi connections(Luke, you and me) isn’t that stable when we’re all together in one town…
      The last 2 days were really weird. Everytime we three are together, Wifi crashes after a while… meh! xP

  2. its sean turing off. Me and rory were talking for like 2hrs. in her town with no other visitors and NO wifi crashes at all 😐 😕

  3. Oh, man that same error code is on my screen, whenever I open my gate!

  4. i have a friend code please can we connect up!!!
    i have left the FC on wendells pattern page

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