Posted by: Mayu | April 24, 2010

Woot! Perfect town London!

Tee hee, my evenings were quite similar the last few days. xP

I’ve met up Luke and…

Rory again :D!

Haha! Did I whack Luke a little too strong?!? :mrgreen: 😛

Rory and me in my “yellow” room. I always wanted to try that, as my neighbour keep me telling, that yellow colours in your room make you ‘CRAZY!’ xDD 😆

But we still were very calm and cool 😛 . After this we decided to go to London to work on her perfect town again 🙂

Here we are! Stupid me forgot to take some pics of the work again, but all in all we only planted a few more flowers and some trees on empty spots, then we finally saw this result:

HOOORAY!!!! Perfect town!! XDD (Phyllis:’It’s incredible! London is sheer lunacy!’)

Rory was very glad and proud about it! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😀 😀



  1. mayuits not perfect anymore! 😦 !!!!!!
    but still have the jacobs lather! idk wht happended!

    • Aww maybe some flowers withered? Or some trees? I think it’s not that difficult to get it back again. When I visit your town next time, I’ll help ^^

      PS: Stupid Wifi crashes yesterday!!! 👿

  2. yeah but it wasnt me! someone was turning teh power of! I sware it wasnt me!
    p.s: ty for heling me…again XP ^^

    • No worries Mabel, I believe you and when people just power off I’m not mad about it 😉 I just want to be told, when I disturb the others lol.

  3. How do you make a prefect town?

    • sorry I meant “perfect”

    • I’ve tried to explain it on my FAQ page, please check it out 😉

      • ok 🙂

  4. Em…. what does “Woot” mean in german?
    Is it something like “juhu” ?

    • woot ist der Ausdruck großer Freude – meist über eine trotz Schwierigkeiten gelungene Sache oder ein überraschendes Ereignis

  5. Danke 😀

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