Posted by: Mayu | April 23, 2010

Thunderstorm in Mitsukyo

Friday afternoon Laras and Hareta visited me again, yay! 😀

I’ve ordered some items they asked for and so Laras got her cavalier hat and the witch shirt ^^

And Hareta had the red cap as present ^^. I also had their requested patterns finished, Hareta is wearing his own chara pattern on this pic 🙂

I had thunderstorm that time and I really like it a lot when it’s raining heavily and lightnings can be seen in the sky and you hear these amazing thunder lol! I always tried to get a pic of that lightning, but although I took like 30 pics, none of them had it 😛

You look cute with this umbrella Laras ^^

Before I had to close, they also were very happy when I gave them some of my spare hybrids 😉

See you next Friday again, Laras and Hareta! 😀



  1. Hi people my name is Kesha I have accidently forwarded my time 2 years so I am willing to pay 300000 bells for a person or persons to come and clean my town
    I’m on anytime just comment replying to me.
    plz no hackers and I’m on except for school sorry peeps ok so reply later!!!!!!!!

    • Hi! My fc is on your fc’s, Daniel from (the almost best town!) Oakvillve. Add me!~ I’ll help you!

      • Ty I’ll add u are u still on srry I took so long to answer lol I’m adding u

    • Hii Kesha! 😀
      I’ve missed you, can you play tomorrow again? 9AM my time? I’m open that time 😉

  2. Mayu I made this new post for you!
    Please check it out lol!

    • Haha, awesome Tess!! 😀

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