Posted by: Mayu | April 22, 2010

Girl’s hair, 2 1 2, pink!

On Thursday morning I only had a little time to play but I opened for Lola, as I had some patterns for her 😉

She asked for some Alice in Wonderland patterns, so I tried to make a rabbit hole and the Cheshire cat ^^

Lola looks really cool today :D. Sorry that I only was able to play for such a short time.

In the evening Luke and Rory came again for a visit, woot!

Tee hee, your eyes are really big on this pic, Luke 🙂

Rory and me went shopping to Nookingtons ^^

Aww this wallpaper looks lovely 😀 The lamp seems to be a divine space ship on this wall xDD 😛

Later on I asked Luke and Rory for three numbers between 1 and 2 to have a pattern for a hairstyle. When I asked, boys or girls hair, Rory said girls. And about the colour Luke suggested pink 😆

Harriet had no problems to fulfill those wishes lol!

I love this dizzy face after changing the hairdo xD

Rory liked my new style 🙂

but Luke said it’s just not Miki and we all agreed xDD

Thanks for the nice evening, you two 😀



  1. The orange hair with two pigtails matches you the best 🙂

    • Thanks Daniel 😉

    • agree 🙂

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