Posted by: Mayu | April 21, 2010

PTS work in London

Phew, that was a busy week again, and I couldn’t update my blog at all in the last few days, sorry about that 😦

So I still have to report about my game play from wednesday 😳

First my town was full with CocaCola (blonde), Luke and Rory, but then another unwanted guest arrived:

Resetti! A Wifi crash, meeeh! 😦
That happened a few times and even when Rory opened her gates, I had to take several goings until I finally were able to play there lol.

Hi Rory, it’s nice to be in your town again ^^. And I decided to help Rory to get a perfect town.

So I brought a lot of my spare flowers.

And together we spread them over the town.

Unfortunately Resetti was a real party pooper and resetted half of our work.
Why is HE complaining when we do the same thing? 👿

Well, I went back to London and put the flowers on several spots again, lol. We bought even all flowers from Nook to have enough 😉

But we weren’t finished when I had to go. Well, I think your perfect town is getting closer, let’s try it again the next time 😀



  1. Aww cool, Rory and mayu:)

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