Posted by: Mayu | April 20, 2010

Playing pranks is big fun :P

It was Yuki’s evening again and this time I went to Meow’s town Funky ^^

So, why do I wear a football helmet…?

Everyone who knows Meow, knows why! 😛 :mrgreen:

Here you can see Nook’s slaves, the gyroids, who are working for Meow’s new house expansion. The one in front of me is doing even the washing 😮

Lily has got such blue eyes, awww! 🙂

After we visited all her neighbours we decided to go to Jenny’s town Hampton.

But unfortunately she wasn’t online… muahahaha… well, we WILL have some fun though :mrgreen: *push push* xD

But Booker didn’t understand us at all when we asked him whether he has some pitfalls for us… -.-

Luckily Meow found 2 somewhere, haha!

Oops, how did Jenny get there? 😯 😈

It was Meows turn to bury a pitfall Meow found a fossil! 😛

Argh, Jenny, what are you doing? You clumsy one! xD

*cough*, we I pushed her on a very lovely spot 🙂

Pink wasn’t amused at all. Scaaaaary! 😯

Then this black beauty Nicola came for a visit, too. Woooot! 😀

We did nothing, Nicola, noooo! 😀 How dare you think such bad things about us 😮

It was a very funny evening xD. Thanks to all and especially big sorry thanks to Jenny 😉



  1. HAHA! XDXDXDXDXD I want to do the gyroid slaves! That sounds fun!

  2. MAYU!!!! I need you to open your gates today, Thursday, at 7:30 pm your time because I have a half-day of school today! I get home around 12!
    Can I please come to your town? Thank you much!!!!! :mrgreen:

    • Oh sorry I didn’t read it earlier, but I was open at 8PM. You couldn’t come at that time?

      • Yeah, sorry. I was busy cleaning my house at 8 pm. Our house took a LONG time too because it was dirty!
        Maybe another time? 😉

  3. Haha, the room with the gyroids is very clever ^_^

    • Want to connect some time?
      Add me!
      Name: Tess
      Town: DaFuture

      I’ve got lots of extra bell bags that you can have if you want.

  4. That isn’t Lily that’s Puddles, silly mayu~

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