Posted by: Mayu | April 19, 2010

Rory’s first Wifi and a lot of Wifi crashes

Pheeew, that was an evening with LOADS of Wifi crashes, I think all in all I had like 5 or 6 crashes before I’ve lost my patience and ended my gameplay xP.
But let’s start to report from the beginning 😉

First I had Mollie (with sun glasses) and Paige over, but also CocaCola (not in pic) visited me before my first Wifi crash happened.
Aww sorry about that Paige and Mollie, because next time when I opened…

…there were Luke and Cocacola…

… and another new friend Rory from London as Mitsukyo’s visitors ;).
Welcome Rory, I also felt very honoured to be your first Wifi player on ACWW :oops:. HOORAY! xD
She gave me this cute pink umbrella as present and I gave her a pink tulip in return ;), thanks for that, Rory! 😀

Haha, that’s a very nice picture of us all lined up 🙂

This is Emma. Why Emma you say? Because Wifi crashed for another time *sigh* xDD. And I had Emma and Rory as guests now 😉

Cheese! 🙂

We soon decided to go to Rory’s town which wasn’t easy at all as I also had to try two times to get into her town without being kicked out by Resetti again 👿
I liked the town flag with the “Welcome” words on it 😀
The urban pattern looks really cool, too! 😮

This is Rory’s house, so cute! :3

Let’s go inside!

While we relaxed on the coach, Rory had to go outside to welcome Emma, who has just arrived to London ^^

Emma and me sitting in the pretty upper room 😀

When I visited Rory’s neighbours I saw Gwen’s house.
😯 I’ve barely seen such a fully packed room like that of Gwen 😆

Rory’s town is very nice, she didn’t play for long but she’s working hard to get it more beautiful 🙂 You can see a lot of new trees and palm trees spread over London ^^

Haha, that pattern I think I don’t have to explain further. 😉

Thanks to all who came for a visit, it was a pain with Wifi, but I enjoyed playing with you all nevertheless. Let’s hope for a better gameplay tomorrow ^^



  1. Awe I couldn’t go on wifi… had to do homework ugh lol open your gates on Thursday hopefully I wont have homework lol

    • Hi Lola, I’ve got your patterns now (you can also look on my pattern page), but this thursday I’m not on 😦 . May we can meet up on Friday instead? Around 3pm my time (laras also wants to come)

  2. Wifi was horrible. 😦 NINTENDO!!! WHY?!!

  3. Thank you so much for the great time!
    Can I save these pictures? I love them!
    Rory I mean..Mabel

    • You’re welcome! 😀 And sure, please save those pictures, as long you’re related on them feel free to use them as you like 😉

  4. Thanks so much for everything 😀

  5. Dear Mayu,
    I just can´t ignore your blog, lol.
    You´ve been away from it for months, I hope you´re okay and just busy. It seems you´re quitting. And that´s ok. Everyone quits. So I decided to say goodbye properply.
    Ahh…I remember when I found your blog. I was searching for lucky cats and ended up here. I was playing ac:ww for two years back then, and I didn´t know wifi could be this cool. You just made me want to play with you and be your friend. To meet more people and have my name in your blog. So, I did everything to have wifi. I annoyed my parents and my uncle so much to have it. I ended up setting my router to wep by myself and I must admit, I was really proud of myself. Days after, I was running in my house, doing my homework and stuff as fast as possible so I could get in your town at 7pm your time. When I was looking for your gates you were already full. I cried a bit no joke . And I know this may sound selfish but I was really happy when wified crashed and I was able to get in your town. I was completley amazed. Your town, amazing. You, even more amazing. Luke and Cocacola were there too. They were super nice to me. I was happy. I gave you this little pink umbrella, and I got a pink tulip from you. Man I wish I still had that tulip. Days passed and I was making more friends. And playing with you. You were always really friendly and kind. I never met anyone like you. By then, you became really important to me. Too important. I started telling you everything, what I was feeling, why I was sad and why I was happy. Because I could and can trust you. Because you always tried to help me and always adviced me and I think that I grew up thanks to you. You made me realize so many things. I had the best summer with you and the others. Most of the times, instead of going to beach I stayed at home and played with you. You always made me smile. You never judged me and my choices and my personality. I don´t know how to thank you. I don´t know you for so long, only since April. There are people who know you longer than I do and that makes me die a bit inside. Because they go the chance to spend more moments with you. But you know, I don´t really care, because our moments were amazing. And I hope you´ll be back someday. And then we´ll have more amazing moments along with the others. I miss you guys. You´re just a really amazing person. I said you made me grow up, but truth is I don´t wanna grow up anymore, only if we can talk for one more time. It can be the last time. But you gotta tell me then because I need to prepare myself. Damn I´m almost crying and my mom is around.
    I love you I really do. And I will never forget you.


  6. Mayu come back for Summer please
    please please please please
    I miss you so much and I need you and I looooooooooooveeeeeeeeee you and reply to my emails

  7. you creepy lil old bitch

  8. i honestly hope you die
    mainly because i know who you are. ^

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