Posted by: Mayu | April 18, 2010

Beautiful towns ‘Lovely’ and ‘Fishy’

Tonight I’ve decided to play with Yuki, I was in the mood to play with my adult ACWW friends again 😉
And there were a lot of open towns, all in all I’ve seen 6 open towns again, woot! 😀
First I decided to spend Ma from Lovely a visit:

Well, that’s a really huge Welcome pattern :o. Awesome!

Hi Ma! I was happy to see her playing actively 🙂 It’s so much nicer, when you also can chat with the people, and Ma is a really nice person to chat with 😀
And isnt’ the path lovely like her town’s name? 🙂

Lol! Everything looks accurate, just this naughty little sapling decided to die in that row! 🙄 😛

Wow! I’ve found a former neighbour of me, Rosie! But she didn’t remember me at all 👿 !

Ma’s house looks so nice with the hedge patterns around it 🙂

And that’s a really cool beach room! 8)

Later on Cindy also dropped by, woot! 😀 But soon I decided to go to other towns, thanks for having me over Ma! I enjoyed it a lot! 🙂

Tee hee! :mrgreen: I’ve found Ratchet sleeping in his house. I HAD to tickle him! xDD 😆

After some other visits but without any other friend online I went to Choco’s town Fishy ^^

Haha awesome hair, Choco! xD

She has got a supernice City theme in her town! 😮 And no, the picture isn’t pinkish but the roads have a pink tone in it 😉 , it looked really unique ^^

Wow! Even bycicle parking spaces are next to her house, awesome!! 😀

Inside her house, I needed the loo! OOPS! xD

Hey, I’m totally hidden behind you Choco!! 😆

It was 6PM punctually when we saw the cuckoo coming out the clock xD

Before I had to go she gave me another afro wig as present. Awww thanks so much! 😀
Now we’re orange & lime like Choco suggested xD
It was great fun! 😀 Thanks for all your kindness! ^^



  1. Very nice!

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