Posted by: Mayu | April 17, 2010

Miki’s newest friend: Tess from DaFuture!

This evening I’ve seen a new friend’s town open, and I had to visit her instantely 😉

Right of me is Tess, a very nice girl from the USA :). Left of me is Daniel, who already was there before ^^. Nice to meet you, Tess! 😀

Zoooooom 🙂

She showed me her house and here we are in her main room which is robo themed, very cool! 😀

Also the classic themed left room was awesome! And her bed was sooo comfy xP

I was surprised to see all the bell bags lying down in town, but Tess explained to me that they have to do something with a game she held the day before with other friends ;). Next time let’s try that, too, I’m curious about what game it is 😀

Here you can see why her town is called ‘DaFuture’, just look at the date ;).
And happy belated birthday to the chara Tess 😀 (the real Tess didn’t have bday that day 😉 )

Then we went to my town. Just when Daniel and Luke came through and Tess was also trying to get into my town, Wifi crashed, meh! So I reopened and…

… Luke and Tess only got through this time. Sorry about that Daniel, did you have problems to come back?

Well, when Wifi crashed I took the chance to order the bubble shirt quickly for Tess and when my visitors got through, I got the mail in my box and finally was able to give it to Tess 🙂 . She was glad about it, because she likes this shirt a lot!

What a weird map! Well, you guessed it maybe right, we’re in Luke’s town Mbro now 😆 See those crazy neighbours in the corner and, whoa, Mbro has got two rivers! 😮

The right river had no waterfall 😆 lol!

The left one had a big empty space behind it! 😯

I want to go there!!! xDD It looks really interesting! 🙂

Netfighting was again a lot of fun 😈 then I had to go 😉
It was a wonderful evening, let’s meet up soon again! 😀



  1. Thanks Miki for the awesome pics of us! I want you to visit again soon. And also, I would like to spend more time in Mitsukyo!

  2. Hi Mayu! I was wondering how you got that picture on the very top of the website, the one I think of your town? It looks like you took a panaramic picture but I don’t know!

    • Oh I’ve connected several pictures together to get such a panorama view 😉


    • If you have wi-fi, do you want to connect some time?
      Add me!
      Name: Tess
      Town: DaFuture

      We can play a game to win some money I have to give away! I’ve got lots of extra bell bags.

      • i have a lot of bells to, but as a person, i love games. lets meet on friday or saturday!
        YADIEL(water sign)
        im in the US eastern time. oh, and im sprucing up my town so its not open.

      • oh and i culdnt tell your fc at first. normally ya suposed to put it like this. 😉

  4. Oh, sorry. I didn’t know there was a special way.

    I added you!
    Since you live in the Eastern time zone, that’s only one hour ahead of me!!! Yay! We won’t have to worry about the time zones that much.
    Wanna meat Friday? At, say, 8:30 for you? Or is that too late? Let me know!

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