Posted by: Mayu | April 16, 2010

Yay, it’s Vesta’s birthday today!

HOORAY! I was excited today, because my ever best and most favourite ACWW neighbour Vesta has got her birthday today, wooooot! :mrgreen:

I took some preparations, I think Baabara is there as guest, too, so I decided to create a sheep wool pattern for me, that I’ll fit to the party there… As I’ve got brown hair, my wool also had to be brownish 🙄 😛

Yay! Both are really there, haha! But huh??
Vesta: ‘Did I send you an invitation, Disco-M.?’
Wahh? 😯 Don’t tell me you forgot it!! 😦 *sniff*

Vesta: ‘I totally forgot it… but come in!’
oO Well, thanks that you let me in at least!! 😥
(I’m kinda disappointed, I must admit 😛 )

As birthday gift I’ve thought of a birthday cake 🙂

Vesta:’Wow, what’s that?!? It’s a birthday cake!’

Vesta:’I would have been happy with a single nosehair though!’
EEK? 😯 Next time I’ll remember about it, ok 😯

Vesta:’ And do you know why? Because all things always come from heart of you, baa bo baa!’
NAAH! A nosehair wouldn’t come from my heart, silly sheep! 😆

But I’m happy to be between my two beloved sheeps again! ~♥



  1. I miss Vesta. I miss visiting her while I was staying in Mitsukyo. I hope Vesta is still around when I start playing again.

    • so far I’ve locked her by doing a delivery for her to Tangy but never get back to Vesta and told her, that I’ve done that :mrgreen:
      With this method you can lock both, the receiver and the sender ^^

  2. Aw, what a lovely picture at the end. My brother LOVES Vesta. I think He’ll like Baabarer aswell. (Do you think They’re related?)

    Still no news on Wi-Fi. Sigh…

    • Hi Tom, it’s great to hear from you again ^^. And I’ve seen that you’ve updated your blog, I will soon comment there 🙂

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