Posted by: Mayu | April 16, 2010

Friday afternoons…

…turns out to be my meeting day with Laras and Hareta ^^. Sometimes the time difference can be a real struggle, but I’m glad that we found a way to meet up with my Indonesian ACWW friends 🙂

So first Laras came around 1PM my time, that was 6PM her time to my town:

Hi Laras, it’s good to see you again ^^

She picked my hybrids of the spare garden, what I’ve shown her before.

And she was also glad to get some money for her mortgages 😉

But all in all we were the only two in town. As she also wanted to meet some new friends, we decided to meet up at 3PM again, as I think the chance would be higher when people in UK are maybe coming home from school and in USA they will get up at that time 😉

So next time I opened, Laras brother Hareta was also there, hii!

Tee hee, he was changing his hair and Laras and me waited for him.

But he decided to run away from us as soon he was outside Nookingtons 😆 .
Well, at least I got ONE pic of him, njaknjak (ummm that’s my evil laughter lol) :mrgreen:

And then Lola was there, wooot! But only for a very short time though 😛 . But don’t worry Lola, let’s meet up someday again 😉

And my German friend Rebecca dropped by, hiii! 😀

You both look lovely! ^^

Suddenly Rebecca went home, huh? 😆 So we others went fishing meanwhile. Hooray, all have horse mackerels 🙄

Haha we both look really self-confident on this pic, don’t we, Laras? xD

Luckily Rebecca came soon back and brought me this wonderful self-designed Mayu pattern! 😮 WHOA! Thanks so much Rebecca, I’ll put it soon on my Icons&Pattern page 😉 I’ts lovely! 😀

Thanks for the fun, peeps! 😀



  1. coool! 😀

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