Posted by: Mayu | April 16, 2010

4 girls…

…I’ve met up this evening ^^ .
At first I was looking for a friends town. We had an appointment on 8PM, but unfortunately I didn’t see her gates open.

After waiting almost 20 minutes I decided to go to Mollie’s town, nice to see you again 🙂

In her town I’ve seen a lot of patterns layed down in squares, that means, she’s working on a perfect town, how cool is that! 😀 I also offered her my help but right now I wasn’t able to do that yet, sorry about that Mollie. I’ll soon come back to you 😉

Mollie had to go soon and so I opened instead. My town was quickly full with:
Emma at the left, Livs at the right and CocaCola behind her :D. WOOHOO!
It was great to see them all again, it has been a while for all of us ^^

Emma and me at my BBQ ^^. I really like the French basket 😀

I offered CocaCola one hybrid she could choose of them. But soon after that I had to go, because my friend said on my blog, that she’ll open at 9PM now instead, but… even after 15 minutes I couldn’t see her gates either again so I gave up for tonight 😉 .



  1. Hi, can you help me make a perfect town please? If you could please respond. 🙂

    • Hi Catherine ^^
      I’ve described on my FAQ page how to get a perfect town, maybe it’s a help for you…
      Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

    • you have the same name as me!!!!! (sorry that was weird) *blush*

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