Posted by: Mayu | April 15, 2010

Thanks for ‘Fatty Brenda’-pattern, Cola!

Tonight I had a lovely visit from CocaCola, we haven’t seen us for a long time 😀

Yay, so good to see you again, especially on this quiet evening. She was the only visitor I had tonight 😉

She said she had a pattern for me, so we both went to Able sisters.

Aww, look! 😮 CocaCola made me a ‘Fatty Brenda’- pattern, how cool is that! For the ones who doesn’t now, Fatty Brenda is my ocean sunfish pet in my house 😉

Haha, that’s awesome. Cola and me are the FB-Fan-Club now xD

We went to the museum to see the fight between Tarantula and Scorpion. We both cheered for the Tarantula xD. Look how strong he is, he almost pushed down the scorpion of the edge, EEEEEK! 😯

I need something to push him back!!! GULP! xD 😆

Aww, I like this pic of us 😉 . At 9PM I partied over to look if a friend I was waiting for is open now, but no…

Instead I’ve found another new friends gates open: that of Jia! 😀

But whenever I’ve tried to get into Fizzpop I always got the error code 86420… 😦
Did you have problems to get into my town or to other towns as well? It’s always annoying when this happens… 😦

So I headed back to CocaCola’s town ♪Mu-sic♪, and without any problems, I got through at first try… 😛

There I’ve found a nude Nan?!? 😯 EEEEEEK the second xDDD 😆

I had a lot of fun with you CocaCola :D. And thanks a lot for your wonderful present! ~♥



  1. I had trouble going to your town when it was open 😦 😦 but I visited someone last night it nothing went wrong 😦

    • Let’s try it soon again Jia, maybe it was just a bad day for Wifi, that happens also quite often 😉

  2. It’s sooo weird…. I’m wearing a citrus shirt with a sombrero hat on 😉

  3. hii mayu Mr Luke here I would of been able to come to your town if I had not of left my dsi charger down stairs 😥

  4. Hi Mayu! Could you copy and paste some of your old posts? I would like to see them but it’s hard going back to 2006 because it takes forever writing “Next page” all the time. I never ended up getting there! (You said to look at some of your old posts.)
    And I had a great time today! I want to come to your town again tomorrow!

    • Oh there’s also an “archive” at the sidebar where you can see all posts of a special months.
      but here’s for example an old English post of me 😉
      And about the Spanisch word for pregnant:
      it’s embarazado, your teacher was right 😆 haha!

      • Oh! That’s funny about the embarazado!

        I checked your old post, it’s not that bad! Actually, I only spotted like 2 errors. Pretty good!

        Thanks for the post about Miki’s newest friend: Tess from DaFuture!
        You said nice things about me. 🙂
        (and on my bulletin board in my town!)

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