Posted by: Mayu | April 14, 2010

Help me, Mollie!

It was a fun evening again ^^
This time I had

Mrs Luke, aka Wolfie as visitor :mrgreen: and

her real friend Ben came for the first time to Mitsukyo, welcome! 😀

He looks really neat! ^^

My last visitor was Mollie, then my town was full, yay!

She looks lovely today! 🙂

We had a good time with chit-chatting near Nooks…

…chit-chatting on the bridge and strolling around my town xD.

When Ben and I came outside of Baabara’s house, Mollie stood in our way that we were trapped… grrrrr! 👿

But in this case it was lucky for me, because Wolfie got crazy and wanted to attack me with the axe! EEEEK! xDD Thanks for your help Mollie! 😛

Then I went offline for a couple of minutes and when I came back I only saw a blue screen of death on my DS… -.-; Sorry about that I also didn’t have much time left so I didn’t reopen ^^;



  1. Hii miki Mr Luke (need second name XD) I had to go bck to Mbro because my Sun Set didn’t work soo I backed it up and when I went bck to see if it worked again and the backup wasn’t there!!!! 😦 Soo u will have to re add me AGAIN here are my details well they will be in next comment

  2. Here are my details

    Name: Sean
    Town: Mbro
    FC:  2536-4453-4684 

  3. Oh poooo wrong set of information don’t add them I’ll post the right set of information in a min

  4. Here is the right set of information

    Name: Luke
    Town: Mbro
    FC: 0861-5933-3300

  5. i enjoyed last night 🙂 funn times oh yes im on my sisters internet so whoo i maybe getting a internet top up soo anyway so not long to wait
    🙂 oh can we wifi tommorow about 7:00 my time 🙂 i need to ask you to add someone as they have added miki

    • Oops, sorry Wolfie, I’ve already a date with becci 😳 Maybe we can meet up later? I’ll try to be on at 9.30PM my time

  6. Hii bbz u wernt on tonight 😥 missing u loads any ways going to bed night. ❤ u my bbz

    • kk deffinutly be on today sorry i accidently formatted my dsi LOL and i lost my piccies 😦 but nothin else 🙂 i need to get 800 dsi points think u can help bbz oh and ill be anytime today and mostly bout 8 we can finally have a private time havin a talk on our own :p

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