Posted by: Mayu | April 13, 2010

Not much to tell

Today I couldn’t play as much as I wanted to but at least two short times were possible:

In my morning P!nk and Luke came for a visit. Haha, P!nk was stung by bees, that’s why her left eye is so small and the swollen right eye is hidden behind the monocle. 😉

Lola with the top head visited me too, yay! 🙂

While P!nk was sleeping I also had visitors over in real life so I had to end my game play that sudden, sorry about that.

In the evening I had Meow as guest again ^^

Hi, I’m always happy when you come over :mrgreen:

I was tickling her in Bone’s bed and

we also had fun in messing up Vesta’s bed 😛

We tried to catch the coelacanth, but all we get were these lousy seabass 👿

Anyway it was a lot of fun with you ppl 😀 . See you (hopefully) tonight again 😉



  1. miki its me sean sorry to confuse u again my info has changed because my town Sun Set umm well didnt work with my new software so i bcacked it up then i loaded another 1 and then the backup dissapeared 😥

    here is my info

    Name: Luke
    Town: Mbro
    FC: 0861-5933-3300

    • i add you!
      mayu, mornings i cant play it would be 3am for me and you open at 2pm(my time) but i come back from school andeat/homework. Then i’m ready around 9:05 your time but you are never open. Can you please open your gates at that time? So then we can meet again 🙂
      btw, how do you change the pic next to my name?

      • Urm, I only know about the pic. bit, but to change your picture, you need to have a blog and it is in the gravatar section 🙂

      • These days I’m quite busy at this time. Yesterday I also was only able to play around 1 hour. So maybe we would see us next saturday when you also can play earlier 😀

    • Oh so sorry Sean, I didn’t go to my PC in the evening and so I couldn’t read this comment earlier. But of course you’re added back 😉

  2. Hi miki, I’m new to this blog… and im new to acww I would like you to come to my town…. I’m trying to upgrade my nookway for months, I don’t have that much friends in acww here’s my fc:

    Name: Jia
    Town: Fizzpop
    Fc: 0904-5182-4322

    See you there( I hope) :[]

    • Daniel Oakville 2493-6717-6176
      add me?
      i’ll help you get nookingtons!

    • Thanks Jia and welcome to my blog! ^^
      Do you know Xcrazypancakex? She has the same IP adress like you, maybe she’s your sister?
      Anyway I’ll see that I get added you to Mikis roster 🙂

      • Thnx for the add, and yes xcrazypancakex is my sister… I kinda want your fc too if you don’t mind… I’m from the uk so I’m not sure when your gonna be on??

        • My FC is (Miki): 2922-0581-5572 and nice to meet you ^^
          I’m going to open in around 30 minutes, feel free to drop in 😀

  3. Ok wait

  4. Awww so you had the same problems? I’ve seen your gates open too and I couldn’t get in! 😦 Always have the 86420 error code! 😦

    • I’ve checked my router nothing was wrong! 😦

  5. Don’t ya just hate it when sea basses come by. 😆

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