Posted by: Mayu | April 12, 2010

♥ Wolfie’s & Luke’s Wedding ♥

On April 7th I was surprised to get an awesome invitation from Wolfie to this event:

Whoa, how lovely, an ACWW wedding! That’s cool, I’ve never attended one during my almost 4 years of game play! 😀

After some days of trouble with Wifi, busy weekend, no time, etc. we finally managed to celebrate the wedding this evening! xD

As I haven’t seen Luke’s nor Wolfie’s gates open around 8PM my time, I’ve decided to open instead.

And woot, Luke came over! 😀 We both were prepared for this happy event, we look gorgeous, don’t we? Tee hee! XD Luke wasn’t still sure if Wolfie’s is going to play ACWW tonight so we were waiting for her ^^

But other visitors came to Mitsukyo: It has been Vivien in the royal outfit and her friend Mollie from Norway with the skull shirt. Welcome! 😀

It was the first visit for Mollie and she enjoyed it a lot! Thanks so much! ^^
Luke was getting nervous after a while, because my town was full and he didn’t know if Wolfie is now open or not. So we decided to party over and look for her gates. Sorry about that Mollie 😉

But no luck… Wolfie wasn’t there. So let’s go to Luke’s town instead 😉

And HOORRRAAAY! When I came back from being offline, Wolfie finally was there! Let the ceremony begin! 😀 She gave Luke the groom’s outfit and then we headed over to her town Elysion, as she has prepared it for the wedding ^^

Vivien and me were accompanying the bride to the house, where the wedding took part 😀 . Awww, you’re so pretty Wolfie!

Almost there! Luke was also waiting for her! ^^

Both are inside now and Vivien, the Vicar started the ceremony. 😀 She was really good at it ^^ (and it’s a pity, that we couldn’t go into the house either. There should be also the possibility to enter a house with 4 people and not only 2 xP )

The most important question was answered by Wolfie with: “I do”. WOOOOOT!

And Luke also agreed to it! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! 😀

♥ ~Now you both are married, hooray for Luke & Wolfie!! ~♥

I gave them some presents and here I wanted to arrange a rose garden in heart shape form for them. But the tree stood in the way and I was allowed to chop it down! 😉

Having a lil’ party! xD

Later on Wolfie showed me the upper room! Yay, that’s the couples room. Oh and what is that??

Awwww a baby cradle how cute, Wolfie told me she’s expecting a baby! x3

THANKS a lot for your invitation and your awesome wedding, dear Wolfie and Luke, I really enjoyed it much and it was my first one ever on ACWW. So it’s very special! 😀
Also thanks Vivien for your wonderful support, you were really a big help!! ( I feared I had to play the Vicar and I don’t know the ceremonial phrases what you use for a wedding in English at all haha 😆 )



  1. Lustig

  2. hey mayu eben gerade habe ich gulliver abgeschossen

    hey mayu i ve shoot down gulliver

    IM HAPPY 😀

    • Haha Gulliver ist cool xD. Was hast du denn bekommen? 🙂

      • eine ritterrüstung die steht jetzt im wohn zimmer sieht gruselig aus

        • Ich find die voll cool! xD Aber am liebsten mag ich den Metroid 😉

          • ja der is auch lustig

  3. Yay u posted it and it was sooo fun!!!!

  4. 🙂 thanks for posting i may use a few pictures and will credit 🙂 thanks for coming

  5. This is so cute! It’s adorable! I love the wedding outfits too! Gorgeous!
    Let you guys have a great honeymoon! 😉

    -April (:

  6. Hi Mayu! I hope u dont mind but i used these pics for my blog but i put a link to your blog along with the post so everyone knows that I didn’t take them 😉

    • Sure Vivien, you can use them too as you also were involved xD

  7. WOW! Thats a lot of flowers! And i think i saw gracie’s car! What do you have to do for her to come to your house? And, if possible, want to add me? My fc is on the list. What’s yours? thx! 😀
    -Danny :mrgreen:

    • And btw, want to be my first vistor? I never had one.

      • Hii I’ll be your first visitor btw I’m luke in this post

  8. Aw, that’s so sweet! Congrats Wolfie and Luke!

  9. thanks everyone for your kind comments on mine and lukes wedding and yes daniel you did see gracies car i got that using animalmap as i have a r4i i did most things with animalmap 🙂 and daniel visit my blog
    and click on the stats page for my friend code ok i look forward to playing

    • i’ve added you! and nice blog! 🙂
      and, whats animal map and r4i??

  10. And which “town” are they going to visit for honey moon? lol

  11. OH YEAH !
    AC: Wild World weddings are the best !

    I’ve been to like 3 and they were all great !

    Too bad that you can’t haveheaps of visitors ! ):

    • how can you have weddings is that possible

      • Umm in this case, you just ‘play’ it 😉 It’s not an event that is programmed on ACWW 😉

  12. LOL, mein Charakter ist “ein Baby erwartet” auch! Wir haben die Wiege rosa und alles!

    Leider hat mein “Mann” meinen Charakter, nachdem ich angekündigt, “zu ihm, dass ich” schwanger “. Was für ein Trottel! lol

    • hi i need help my wifi always works but now its weird it dosnt? Help me plzz.

      • Maybe the Wifi settings has changed either in your router or do you have a new DS where you still have to put the Wifi settings in it ?

    • What did your ‘hubby’ do after you told him? 😛

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