Posted by: Mayu | April 9, 2010

Yuki’s turnip selling friends

I knew, that there are a lot of people in my adult group who trade with turnips, so after I had to end my game with Laras, Hareta and Lola, I opened my gates with Yuki instead, to let people come in, even when I’m offline ;).
But during the afternoon I also sneaked to my acww game to look if someone is there and I was lucky in two times ^^:

First I’ve met Victoria! 😀 Awww her tan is so lovely! 😮

The second time I was surprised, that my town was full with visitors lol!
There has been Choco with the shovel, unkochan with Gracie’s shirt and at the very right Stella! Hey, it’s so good to see you again! 😀
I’ve shown them my lovely bday pattern from Meow ^^

And this inspired us to have a nice netfight again xDD 😆

Whack! BAM!

Awwww, unkochan is crying, poor you!!! 😛 xD

Soon I had to go again, but thanks for all your visit and lovely bulletin board messages, ladies! 😀



  1. Hii!Mayu on youtube I found an actual show called animal crossing with a main charecter named Ai.It’s in Japanesse ,but it also has subtitles so I can understand easily!My buddy Bailey and Harriet LOVE it,so do I of course!But, here is a link for you:

    I hope you and everyone else loves this show!!

    • I know this movie very well, I also have the DVD at home and translated it once from Japanese to German xD
      Very cute ^^

  2. I’ve seen that video before it was awsome! 🙂

  3. I didn’t know you can get a tan. How?

    Also, what’s that “sitting on a flying cloud” about?
    (it reminds of the monkey king on his flying clound XD)

    • on Mayu’s little box with the title of Little ACWW Secrets you click that and it takes you to a list of really cool facts about ACWW and secrets ,etc.
      In the list it’ll say How to be/get tan or something like that and BAMM! you’ll know 🙂


      PS(for Mayu) I have a drawing for the fan art page but im posting it to my facebook do you think i could send it to you through the link of my facebook?

      • Thanks for your help Demmitria ^^
        Try to post the link to your drawing in one of your comments here 🙂 I don’t know if I can see it (as I’m not on facebook) but you could also upload the picture to imageshack ( and then give me this link. I think it’s easier ^^

    • Oh this tan was cheated with help of Action Replay. Normally you can’t get a tan in this season, only in summer it’s possible. ^^

      I’m a little confused with “sitting on a flying cloud”, where did you read it at this post?
      And yes, normally the tale about the monkey king is really common in Japan. Also Dragon Ball uses his main chara Son Goku to fly on the cloud, a very often used theme in mangas and anime ^^


        you sit on flying clouds

        • Ohh these are just flying clouds patterns what I’ve put on ground. And we just decided to have a netfight there xD

          • Jus….just patterns….


            • Haha, no worries Nana, they really look like real, I must admit xD. (and cute smiley ^^)

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