Posted by: Mayu | April 8, 2010

You trapped me!! GRRRR

This morning I had a lot of fun with Lola, Luke and P!nk ^^

First Lola came for a visit. You look so nice with this hat 😀

She asked me to have a look on her path pattern and if I could help her to make it more 3D like. No problem, I partied over for 5 min, edited it and let her come back to Mitsukyo again ^^

Then suddenly my town was full with Luke at the left and P!nk at the right. Look at her wonderful shirt pattern, it’s called “Cool fades” and P!nk had designed it a long time ago. 😀

Luke and I had to get it!!

Coooooool! :mrgreen:

When I was a short time afk… this was the scene I’ve seen when I came back! 👿 GRRRRRR Thanks a lot dear friends! 😈 😆

BAM! That means I have to punish you!! xDD

Hahaha it was really fun xD. Later on this game turned out to a hide-and-seek game, what was also great fun but I didn’t take photos from that 😛 (forgot to take some)

My last pic of the morning, then I was busy at home again 😉

See you all soon again! 😀



  1. lol I had fun

    • how the heck do u change the pic 4 the comments??

      • Go to ‘My Dashboard’ – ‘Users’ – ‘Your Profile’ and there you can set up a gravatar 🙂

  2. hey mayu, my wifi crashed and couldnt open gates. want to know id ur town was full yet.

    • Oh no Emily, I think we missed for around 1 hour 😯 !!
      I’m waiting 25 minutes for you now and am on your chat, but when I look for your comment it was 1 hour earlier at 7.12PM! 😦
      And you weren’t able to open your gates over Wifi? Awwww, that’s a pity!!!
      No, I wasn’t open yet, I hurried with housework and finally was finished right 5 minutes before 8PM (whole day I was baking and cooking for the big family birthday party tomorrow 😛 )…

      Next time we set up a date, you have to know that my time is Daylight saving time now and I’m 1 hour later on. 😉

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