Posted by: Mayu | April 8, 2010

Grilled Luke and Daniel from Oakville

Tonight I was at Luke’s town Sun Set and right of me is an unknown friend called Mollie 🙂 . Nice to meet you ^^

I explored his new town and found this tiny house again lol.

Inside was a big bonfire! 😯 What the heck does that mean? Meanwhile another friend came over, arrrrghhhh, it’s embarassing but I’m not sure anymore who that was. Was ist Livs? Or Lola? Sorry about that!!! 😳
But both explained for me, that they use this bonfire to grill Luke! 😯 😆

Oh really! Look, they have trapped Luke and even gave him apples to fatten him up! hahaha!

But the feast escaped!! Nooooo!

He escaped to the museum, but we were waiting outside for him!

Well, while we were digging some holes around the museum, Wifi became very laggy. On this pic I’ve been in this movement for several seconds and finally Wifi crashed, meh! 😦

Well I was busy with family anyway and didn’t go back right after that. When I later looked for his gates, his town was already full again ;).
So I opened my gates instead:

And there came a new visitor: it’s Daniel from Oakville, welcome to Mitsukyo! 😀

He tried to catch my froggies with net and shovel 😆

Daniel after he went to Harriet’s. Looks good! 😀

He explored my town and in Vesta’s house we messed up her bed by bumping our heads :mrgreen:
After that we wanted to go to his town, but right at the moment when I went through the gates Wifi crashed, argh! And as I didn’t see his gate open anymore I’ve quit playing for today 😉



  1. Woah! My town’s name is Oakville too!! Weird!

    • copyer! But, mine is better! 😈

      • I have PTS and i’ve had my town for awhile.

  2. huh im annoyed with sean at the mo as he has lost his wifi and i cannot do the wedding :(((((

    • Yes, I’ve read about that! 😦

  3. Noo People are not Nom nomz 😛

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