Posted by: Mayu | April 8, 2010

Amazing Arts à la April!

April drew some fantastic paintings from my characters for me as present and I didn’t want to hide them from you. She also announced it on my blog, but I think she deserves more advertising, because you HAVE to see these:

That’s Miki

and Yuki

created by April from her blog: ♥αρяιℓ’s ∂ιαяү♥

THANKS A LOT for these awesome presents, April, that was overwhelming!! 😯 😀 ~♥

And your pictures are going to be added to my gallery 😉



  1. those drawings r very nice especially miki. ^^
    ooh miki its my bday tmrw. ^-^ i wonder who will visit me ;D

    • Yes I know I haven’t forgotten 😀 I hope I can come over soon. Do you want to open tomorrow in my morning? 🙂

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear soolove!!! 😀 😀
      Are you going to open this morning? 🙂

      • oh oopss
        im open now!!!!!!

  2. Wow, those are really lovely pictures!

  3. Those are such amazing drawings! I wish I had such talent…

  4. Hallo Mayu!
    Haha, thank you for showing my pictures! 😉 They were not a bother at all 😀 Just to let you know, my blog will be filling up with ACWW posts shortly as I’m getting the game soon :mrgreen: I hope you’ll check in now and again!

    Best Wishes

    -April (: xx

    • Hooray for that! 😀
      I hope you like this game ^^

  5. Hm mayu is “A La” meant to be french?
    It means “at the”
    Maybe you should change it to “de la” which means “of the”

    • Sorry for being so piccy it just looks wierd for me (being french) or maybe it’s just another wierd english saying like “En suite” lol

      • Ahh that’s very interesting, thanks for the info Sorcha 😀
        Sorry about that but we Germans use it very often and I didn’t think of that it has no meaning in French.
        This “a la” we use often for a way we want to describe like “food like Mama” – food a la Mama xDD

        Even the English dictionary uses this term:

        It’s interesting that often the native speakers doesn’t use them at all 😆
        (like our “Handys” in Germany – that are our mobile phones 😛 never used elsewhere xDD )

        • Yeah it’s confusing with what some people mean sometimes when you have lots of different countries using things, especially england because it’s very multi-languaged if you understand what I mean!
          Sorry my english is playing up here! It’s probably because for the last week I’ve only said english for 1/2 hours lol

  6. Aww those are adorable! I love the Miki one doing the peace sign xD How cute!! 😀

    all i got is these silly cartooning skilles xD

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