Posted by: Mayu | April 7, 2010

Wolfie, Luke, Miley, Emma and Vivien as guests

That were quite a few who I met up today! 😀 Yay for that!

My first visitor was Wolfie from Elysion, you also know her as Paige! Welcome back, Wolfie! 😀

And Luke from Sun Set aka Sean from Mbro! xD Many people restarted these days 😉 , so don’t think that all of them are new to me ^^

Sean was in very good mood today. 🙂 But also Wolfie looks very cute x3

Hahaha! Wolfie is posing her new selfdesigned shirt! 😆 Well done!

But Luke also has got some strange AR emotions xD

Miley from Miami dropped by, hello~! 😀

We really had a lot of fun, until Wifi crashed, meh!

When I wanted to open my gates again, I’ve seen Emma from Desirée instead and went quickly to her town to invite her to come to Mitsukyo.
Isn’t she lovely? ^^

Here we are! So who’s next?

Oh, it’s Vivien! I’ve readded her right 1 hour before, so it’s nice to meet her up so soon again! I’ve met her once in Sean’s town, look here Vivien ;):

Cute pic of us ^^. Unfortunately I was really busy after this and couldn’t play with Emma and Vivien anymore. I’m so sorry about this and that I’ve kept you waiting! I hope next time will be better 😉

Thanks for all your visits! That was great! 😀



  1. 😀 😀 thanks for putting it on 😉

    Ill see you again real soon!

    • Yes, would be nice 🙂

  2. Aww I’m sorry I had to leave 😦 But it was lunchtime! 😉 I look like I’m up to no good in the first pic of me, lol

  3. thanks for me coming to visit lol i was actually first too lol :)) and look MY SHIRRTTT 🙂 thanks for wearing it

    • Your shirt is AWESOME! xD Thanks for sharing it 😉

  4. oh mayu also add my drawing and bloggy blogg lol

    • Will do once you post something on there xD lol
      (I don’t want to add blogs, which doesn’t have content in it :p )

  5. I hope it’s ok I used one of the pics for my gravatar!

    • Sure!! 😀
      You can use every picture when you’re on it ^^.

  6. Aww that dress that Vivien is wearing is ever so pretty! ♥ It’s like the dawn of the morning! I like it alot!

    -April♥ (: xx

  7. Could you please give me sean’s new fc?

    • Yes, but right now he can’t play over Wifi, his dad changed the settings 😦

      Name: Luke
      Town: Sun Set
      Fc: 3094-9654-5493

      • Oh hii mayu im allowed bck on wifi now he changed them bck and I’ll add u sorcha on my new character

        • That’s cool Sean! 😀 Hope to see you soon again ^^

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