Posted by: Mayu | April 6, 2010

Meow’s lovely bday presents

I was open with Yuki again but long time nothing happened at all. Then I saw on my blog, that Meow tried to come to my town, but all she get was error codes from Copper, argh!!
So I looked quickly for open gates instead, hoping to see Meow’s town Funky and really, there it is!

Hiii Meow! Long time no see, I’ve missed you! 😀 She congratulated me for my birthday and gave me a dandelion. ^^

“Make a bday wish” she said, haha what a cute idea!

So I blew the dandelion and wished… well, that’s a secret! 😛

After that I should follow her to Ables. She designed a pattern for me, wow!

LOL! Thanks a lot for this whacky bday present, Meow!! xDD 😆
It’s awesome!! 😮

Another surprise for me!

Yaaaay, the first Nook!! Awww, how I love him! Meow restarted her town and now she has got the first Nook shop again 😉

Haha, thanks for chatting with him, that I can see his… back! :mrgreen:
Awww ~♥

Wow, such a lot of cherry blossom trees at one spot! Beautiful!

Tee hee, Meow’s monster Leo has still got the bunny ears put on! 😆

Let’s have a look in Meow’s tiny house! 😀

Ohh, so Meow has still unpacked her boxes and she still has to sleep in the sleeping bag, poor Meow! xD

Then we visited all her neighbours. When Meow wasn’t looking, Roscoe and me kissed us secretly 😛 Thanks for bday kiss, Roscoe!!

It was a wonderful surprise for me, dear Meow! I hope you can get through my gates next time without any problems, see you soon again and thanks for all these wonderful presents! 😀



  1. I added you to my blog roll can you add me too?
    my blog link

    • Sure Lola! 😀

  2. also how come when i press my username lolaishappy it dosnt work how do you make it link to another place?

    • You have to change it on ‘My Dashboard’ – ‘Users’ – ‘Personal Settings’ then at the very bottom at ‘Account details’ – ‘Website’ write your current blog url in it.

  3. Hi Mayu! Haven’t seen you for awhile! Are you avaliable at 8:00 your time? You can come to Desiree or I’ll look for your gates!

  4. Argh, Emma and Viv, I’m sorry that I couldn’t play anymore after I have to leave to help my son. 😦
    But it took longer than expected and now it’s too late for me. Sorry!!!

  5. its fine mayu i undertand that your busy its no rush 🙂

    when r u putting those pics of us in ur blog?\

    Btw your town is really cool 😀

    • Thanks Vivien ^^
      I’ll post about yesterday soon, I hope it’s done before lunchtime 😉

  6. What fun! I just restarted playing ACCF, but reading you blog makes me want to re-explore my ACWW too!
    Happy Birthday.

    • Aww thanks a lot Heather! 😀 I bet ACCF is also really big fun ^^

  7. i have wi fi but it can’t go to my ds for some reason. i’ve got a wireless router.
    do u have any suggestions mayu?

    • Umm what do you mean with “I can’t go to my ds”, you can’t have your DS to play? Then I can’s suggest anything, because you need the DS to play XD (I think I’ve misunderstood you… do you mean what to do if your Wifi is not working? Look at my FAQ page, maybe you’ll find help there because I’ve tried to explain the Wifi settings there)

  8. how do u change the picture for your person?

    • go to http:/en.gravatar. com to register there for free and upload your own avatar. Then it will be shown up on all wordpress blogs, too ^^

  9. (and not the design on here.)

  10. Hi Mayu,

    That was a sweet present that Meow gave you. It’s so like her to give you a design of you getting whacked. That Meow is crazy (Hi Meow)!!!!

    I miss playing with you guys but summer is quickly approaching, so I will be seeing you soon.

    April is so pretty with cherry blossoms. I am glad I got to see a picture of it.


    • Yes, it’s an adorable pattern xDD
      Thanks Leesh for visiting my blog again, I’m always glad to read from you ^^
      And yes, summer is coming in no time, can’t wait for our meeting! 😀

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