Posted by: Mayu | April 2, 2010

Sean and Hanami with Sorcha in France

It was a quiet Friday evening,

only Sean came over around 8PM ^^

Great to see you again :). We chit-chatted a lot and later on at 9PM I had a date with Sorcha:

Hii Sorcha! You look very nice ^^

Someone left party poppers in my town when I played with Yuki, now I’m having fun in France with them xD. Happy Pre-Easter, Sorcha! 😛

Wow, this spot looks lovely with all these cherry blossom trees! 😮

So Sorcha put out her picnic blanket and…

… we had a nice hanami (Japanese for “flower-looking”, used for having a party beneath the cherry blossom trees) with drinking and dancing! 😆 xDD It was great fun! 😛

Let’s take a pic of us 2!

I left a message on bulletin board and it was interesting to read French townhall messages there, because Sorcha changed her game to French mode, tee hee!

This was my last pic of us when we went over to my town. She had to eat supper that time and shortly after that I also had to go so no more pics of the evening, I’m afraid.
It was fun with you two, see you next time again ^^



  1. Thanks for the cool time Mayu xx
    I enjoyed it lots!
    Luv Sorcha xxx

  2. (cry) wu~wu~ ….>_<….

    I wish I can hanami with you all too, but my router has not been working…..

    • Sniff, what’s wrong with your router? 😦
      It’s a pity that we can’t meet up anymore…

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