Posted by: Mayu | April 2, 2010

Fun with Victoria, Debi and Nicola in Ancells

It was late when hubby was still busy with his PC, so I sneaked out in ACWW to have a little more fun xP. This time I woke up Yuki and found Victoria’s town Ancells almost full with visitors. That looked like fun so I headed also over 🙂

What a nice entrance! 😮 And you look cute in your bunny outfit, Victoria x3. Right of me is Debi, also in a very springful outfit, lovely! 😀

We all assembled near the townhall to have a nice chit-chat ^^. From left to right there were: Victoria, Debi, me and Nicola!

Debi and Nicola have the same eyes, while Victoria and me also have the same almond shaped ones 🙂

Victoria wanted us to watch her…

…PLOP! Haha, she planted a palm tree seed on the townhall’s ground xD. Yes, she has Action Replay to do that 😉

After that we chopped the palm tree, planted a pitfall and Debi and me pushed Nicola in it!! Hahaha, thanks for the fun!! xD 😆

Everything alright, Nicola? 😛
After that I had really to go, it was already 12AM for me xP. Good night, ladies 😉


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