Posted by: Mayu | March 31, 2010

Yay, meeting up Nici from funtown

I was glad this afternoon to see Nici’s gates open ^^. I haven’t visited her yet although I know her for several weeks now of my blog, so I took the chance to head over to her town funtown 😀

Hii Nici, it was very nice to meet you, you’re a very kind person. And don’t worry, you’ll get used to talk(write) in English very soon 😉 .

Jane from BomberLu was already there and here she was writing something on Nici’s bulletin board ^^

Cheese! 😀 (well… all are looking with a sad face 😛 . Why did Nintendo put such faces like this 😦 when you’re in normal mode 😛 )

Nici’s house is almost full expanded. I like this version a lot, because the chimney on the left side is very pretty in my opinion 🙂

Her moder room was very pretty…

… but also the toy’s room and…

… the music room are adorable! ♥ 😀

Later on we headed over to my town.

Aww, this pic is a little blurry, but the pattern of Jane’s umbrella is so nice. 🙂

Before I had to go a cute last pic of us :3

Well in the evening I opened my gates again:

And Rebecca from Rosewood and Jane were already there…

… followed by Nici, but then I was soo busy at home that I couldn’t play at all and just left gates open. When I returned 1 hour later I saw only the blue screen of death and didn’t reopen anymore.
Sorry for this, guys!! 😦

I hope next week will be more time for me to play with you, thanks for dropping by! 😉



  1. Homee ist wirklich auch eine schöne Stadt 😛
    Ich mag sie irgendwie auch 😉

  2. hihi mein Design

    • Welches denn becci? Was Jane als Regenschirm hat? Das ist wunderschön 😀

      • ja das hatte ich früher als weg ;,)

        • das sah bestimmt genial aus 😀

  3. geht so mein neuer weg gefällt mir besser 😛

  4. das war ein tolles treffen! müssen wir echt mal wieder machen

    voll der zufall:beccis desing hat sie mir mal gegeben, (auch als weg) und ich glaube jane hat es von mir, und becci geht mit mir in eine klasse.

    ach und: danke, danke, danke für die kronen mayu! ❤

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