Posted by: Mayu | March 30, 2010

Victoria from Ancells

… is one of my newest adult friend of the WWAG (wild world adult group) on ACC.

I was glad that she came over, because I’ve been waiting for around 30 minutes for some visitors and Meow, who always has been coming on Tuesdays evening might have been busy, because she couldn’t come. 😉

It was great fun to play with her, Victoria is very nice and we visited my neighbours…

… or went to Able sisters…

…and to Nook, where we’ve found… cough… well, you can see for yourselves! :mrgreen: 🙄 😆 😛



  1. XXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDD Just be glad they FLUSHED! lololol thats so funny mayu.

  2. Mayu möchtest du vielleicht mit mir Wi-Fi spielen ?

    name: Rebecca
    Stadtname: Sunnset
    Freundescode: 004552106022

    • Hab dich mit Miki geaddet ^^ (FC: 2922-0581-5572)

  3. Lol! xD I hope it wasn’t a solid that they had produced…. XDD!

  4. Hii miki long time no see it’s Sean from Mbro we haven’t seen eachother in ages and we probibly won’t see me for a while well about another week or two because my Easter holidays are crammed full of stuff to do. On Easter sunday I’m going to a party!!!!! 😀 some time during the holidays I’m going to Lego land and during somtime in the holidays I’m going to the life center lol it’s kinda busy and most of the time that’s left I will be playing on acww, pokemon heart gold or soul silver. (dunno weather heart gold works fully yet) XD any way I break up tomorrow! YAHOO!!!!!!!!! Soo woop I’m happy to play on acww and do lots of things.


    • Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!! 😀 Have a wonderful Easter time! 😀

  5. Thx and u can u come into my town now by any chance?

    • your the one! YOU put the nooks in front of my house! 😦
      I opened my ds for a sec and it said “sean is leaving”…then… i saw it! 😦

      • SEAN! 👿 i alredy saw 2 pple complane bout you!! 👿

        • What!? I would never EVER seed a person i don’t have the seed codes any more I changed them for different ones soo I don’t why but as far as my memory goes i did not do it and what is ur character name?

          • stop pretending you don’t know -sticks toungh out-

          • lets see, gold and another one who sad that you two timed them…… 😐

  6. Omg I’m not pretending I didn’t do it!!!!! 👿

    • yeah, RIGHT

  7. I didn’t I swear down ask any 1 that know me well.

  8. And click on my name and bring this argument off this cool site we are not gonna mess it up I will happily have the argument on my blog

    • Sean, i commented, look at what i rote. (ps its true, sry gold)

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