Posted by: Mayu | March 30, 2010

Fooling around with Jane, Elo and Bubbi xD

Phew, it has been a while when I was able to open my gates in my morning again, but today I forced myself to do so, as I promised to Bubbi, that I’ll be there that she can fetch her prizes ^^

To my surprise, Jane from BomberLu came for a visit, yay! 😀 It was early morning for her in real life, but she couldn’t sleep so she took the chance to play some ACWW 😉

And Elo was there! She had to restart her town recently and now it’s called Rainbowx. Welcome new Elo ^^!

Her yellow/blue sparkling shirt was lovely! 😀

Haha, Elo looks like she has a lot of fun on my exotic bed xD

And Jane and me had a nice netfight/running away/hiding behind trees/whacking again game!! :mrgreen:

Tadaaaa! The spring contest winner Bubbi is there! 😀 WOOOOT!!
She wanted to pick up her prizes, suuureee! Let me bring out all the stuff of the right room 😉

This was already the rest of it, Bubbi went home meanwhile as her bag has been full 😆

Yep, she got almost all things of the right room 😉 . And no, the turnips were NOT included 😛

🙄 Elo!! Didn’t I say, that it isn’t a good idea to sit on the BBQ?? 🙄

Jane found us in Cyborg mode, 😈

Yay, a mermaid!! Let’s catch her Jane!!

Ohhhh, she ran away! Drat! 😛

We all together 🙂

I like this pic, it looks so springful 😀
After that Wifi crashed when I tried to save, sigh… 😦

But Jane and I were prepared for the next visitor. Oh! Someone is coming! :mrgreen:

Haha! BAM!!! xDD Sorry about that, Bubbi 😛

The wonderful morning ended with a blonde geisha called Bubbi, we soon all had to go.

It was great fun!! 😀 :mrgreen:



  1. What shirt is Bubbi wearing in the last pic?

    • It’s a designed one, you can’t buy it at Ables 😉

      • Oh, ok thx

  2. How do you go on the water?! It blocks me 😦

    • either its an accidentally side effect of a cheat, or its a cheat itself.

      • cheat?

        • wanna bet?

  3. how did she get the sparkly eyes! i got them in city folk, but cannot get them in wild world!!!!!

  4. oh really?? i thought you were having a sleep over in that pic… and tut tut Elo, you should know better 😆 next time please DON’T sit on Mayu’s lunch!!! oh and mayu, I could of sworn you caught Elo the mermaid… oh well, you’ll get her next time 👿 heehee 😀

  5. Uhh! 😀 ihr Haus ist ewitzig 😆

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