Posted by: Mayu | March 28, 2010

See you in summer again, dear Julie!

I don’t know if you’ve read it so far, but Julie has announced on her blog, that she’ll take a break of ACWW so I was really happy to see her this evening for the last time until summer:

In front of Julie is Summer with the purple glasses. Welcome you two! 😀

Aww Julie, when I see you I always remember about the good times we had in ACWW, it was really big fun playing with you and you were always a very nice, always kind and happy girl, I’ll miss you a lot! But don’t worry, having a break of ACWW might be a good idea, especially when you’re such busy like now with school, family, etc. etc. and you didn’t say that you gave it up forever, so I’m looking forward to meet you up again in summer, like Leesh ^^

Rebecca also dropped by, cooiiee, I’m standing in front of you, can you see me? lol

Haha, Rebecca’s doing some jumping jacks xD

Ahhh, so these are your eyes! They’re pretty, you don’t have to hide them behind the mask or shades xD

All lined up at the gates again? Yep, you guessed it right, Wifi crashed before 😛 Luckily all were able to come back again 😉

ACHOOOOOO! Summer had to sneeze of all these flowers here xP.

Netfight is always fun!! 😆

After that Wifi crashed and I saw Rebecca’s gates open instead.

No Julie there anymore, but another nice girl called rebecca (in pink with anime eyes), and I was just able to write “nice to meet you” and then Wifi crashed another time, baaaah!
Sorry, I couldn’t play after that anymore, but thanks for your visit, Julie, Summer and Rebecca, I really enjoyed it ^^

Julie, thanks again for your friendship and the wonderful time we had together, let’s still keep in touch over the blog or twitter 😉

Oh btw, Europe has changed to daylight savings time from today on, check my blog’s clock to see my current time ^^



  1. Awww! Your blog post made me so emotional xD Don’t worry, I’ll always stay in touch!! 😀 Twitter and your blog 😉 Can’t wait to get back in the “groove” in summer time! I already miss it, but I know ACWW will still be there in the summer! I’ll give you my info once I get it in about late May 😉 Thank you for being so nice over the months!! Hope to see you in the summer!! ❤ Talk to you later! ~~Julie 😛

  2. theres now 2 new girls:


    I feel replaced 😥

    • You can’t be replaced Sorcha, even if others have the same name like you, you’re always special! ^^

  3. Oh wier ich das hasse wenn Wifi stürtzt oder :xD:

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