Posted by: Mayu | March 28, 2010

Awww, it’s Baabara’s birthday ♥

Woot, today was Baabara’s birthday and of course it was a must to visit her ^^

How cool is that, Vesta is also there for a visit, aren’t they cuddly? x3
(both look so warm and soft, awww xD)

Happy birthday Baabara, let’s see if I have a present for you.

What about my precious turnips? I’ll give you even 100pcs of them 😛

Baabara: “Oh look! I always wanted that! 100 turnips.”
Yay, I’m glad you like them. Enjoy your meal! xD 😆

I got a washmashine in return… do you give me a broad hint?? 😕 (sniff sniff – I might smell like turnips…)

My beloved Animal Crossing sheeps having party with me made me happy 😀 xDD



  1. aww the sheep look so cute 2gther. ^-^
    guess what mayu?? ;D its my bday april 9. x))) lol
    jst felt like saying dat cz it reminded me. lol

    • Ohh I have to remember your bday, hopefully I won’t forget it xP

  2. Those are some really cute pics Miki! It’s so funny that the sheep in your town decide to visit each other xD I wonder if Baabara will visit Vesta on her birthday? haha that would be funny 😀

    • Oh I’m also curious if Baabara will be invited to Vesta’s birthday. Well on April 16th I’ll check it for sure 😉

  3. awww so cute!!! and jealous!!!! Baarbara!!!!!!! i misss youuuuuu!!!!!! well, my baarbara is in watseka, my other town… how ironic… :l lol!!!!

  4. Pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me baabara back 😥

    • Nooooo, I don’t want to, she’s my Baabaraaaaa now xPP

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