Posted by: Mayu | March 27, 2010

Two new friends: Gold from New Bark and Summer from Cillobay

In the evening I was able to meet up some new friends:

Here I am in Gold’s town New Bark. Thanks for letting me visit! 🙂

Gold recently started a new game and so he has still the very first tiny house 😉

But it looks nice inside. This rag was a present of a neighbour, I forgot his name.

Nice to meet you Gold ^^

Well I wasn’t the only guest in New Bark, there was also Summer there, another nice girl of my blog, who I also added just this afternoon 😉

Gold and me are visiting Curt, then we soon decided to head over to my town.

When I opened my gates, Gold, but also Miley from Miami came very quickly through the gates. Oh, another one is coming! 😮

Luckily it’s Summer XD, I always feel bad when I invite people to come to my town but then they didn’t get through, because others were faster 😛

Miley liked the bunny pattern of Herti-pi 🙂

Gold took the chance to change his hairstyle at my hair salon ^^

But also Summer is blonde now. You look cute! x3

Then Wifi crashed for another time (we had one before,too) and sorry that I couldn’t open after that for a while as I was busy again… 😦
But I’m sure that we’ll meet up very soon again 😉



  1. It was really fun in your town! Luckily I’m coming again! 😀

  2. I look funny in the last pic XD
    had a great time with you! Your town is awesome!

  3. aww, i got on wi-fi and you were full. Then, you closed! Then I waited. Now I can’t find anymore gates… 😦 😦 😦

  4. woah similar town name! New Bark…New Leaf?

    (hehehe, but mine is better! 😀 )

    • add me and we’ll see 😉

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