Posted by: Mayu | March 27, 2010

Rebecca from Rosewood

After a while I was able to play over Wifi again and found a gate open:

It was that of Rebecca from Rosewood! 😀 Hii, nice to meet you, I was happy to see your gates open ^^

Her town is amazing, look at all those awesome patterns! 😮

I feel like in Harvest Moon ^^

The wood pattern of this bridge was very nice 🙂

And we enjoyed a bath in her swimming pool! Yeeeehaaaa! SPLASH! xDD

Relaxing on the benches after the fun in pool 😛

This was also a very lovely spot, don’t you think so too? 😮

I liked the roof colour of Rebecca’s house ^^. She also told me that she has been playing ACWW for 5 years now, that’s really awesome! But this isn’t her first town, she was bricked before, what a pity 😦

This is the bathroom… without toilet! Haha, I said then I have to pee in her bathtub :mrgreen: 😛

As you can see, I had a good time with Rebecca. We enjoyed the quiz show on TV and then I had to go home soon.

It was great fun! Hope to see you again, Rebecca! 😀



  1. Wow! That IS a cool town!

    • cool ^
      Gravatar. ||

  2. nice town rebecca but waasnt roewood the name of my old town not complaining or nothin

  3. Hmm, I just named my town after Roses :S

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