Posted by: Mayu | March 26, 2010

A birthday present from maggie! :D


Look what I get from maggie! Such a wonderful painting:

Thanks a lot dear maggie, I really appreciate all your effort and like every mother I just LOVE such paintings xDD ~♥
(my boys hardly ever drew something for me lol!! boys! 🙄 😛 )
I can’t express myself good enough how I feel when I get such things like this from you, Jaimee or Tilly or anyone else of my blog readers, but what I can say is that it makes me happy xD. Thanks again 😉

(Next week I’ll think about a Fan Art Page, I just don’t know where to put it on my blog – but maybe I’ll do that as a widget)



  1. Dear Maggie,
    please help me with your poem, I couldn’t read all, I’m sorry 😳

    What I get so far is:
    Every year a memory
    of the times of prime had strife.
    A birthday not the seal on top,
    to end a chapter of our life.
    So what if we are (?)
    It just means we’re wiser too.
    Each time we grow a little more
    and sweet special friends like you!

    Although I didn’t understand all, thanks a lot for this poem x3

    • I’m sorry Mayu, yea it is fuzzy, but it goes: Every year’s a memory,

      of the times of prime and strife.

      A birthday’s just the seal on top,

      to end a chapter of our life.

      So what if we are older?

      It just means we’re wiser, too.

      Each time we grow a little more,

      And meet special friends like you!

      • Thanks for this maggie, now I get it 😆
        It’s a very cute poem ~♥

  2. hi mayu i drawn you a prezzie to but my cam is broken so i cant upload it yet maybe tomorrow

  3. Hey! 👿 !

    • Deepest apologies, Mayu, but I took the sentence ‘Boys, 🙄 😛 ‘ in a way that made me irritated. I then looked at it again, knowing you wouldn’t mean that in an insulting way. Then I understood. 😦 😳

      • Ahhh! Sorry about that I didn’t want to insult boys at general!! 😆
        I only meant it that way, that my boys didn’t like to draw at all when they were small, so I also didn’t get a lot of paintings that time xDD. I had to rely of what they’ve done in Kindergarten and school, but these paintings also made me happy 😛

        • XDDD apologies accepted…. as always!! 😆 😛

  4. Aww that’s so nice Mayu ^___^
    Why did someone comment a big, angry “hey” >_>
    The poem is very sweet too 🙂

    • Sry, Teru. I wasn’t REALLY amgry.
      I just got the wrong idea when she said “Boys. 🙄 😛 ” That time I got angry… But then I realized what she meant.

      • Haha yeah, I didn’t think you were one to write anything very mean 😛

        • Lol. but im actually very nice to
          be honest, i dont get purly
          upset unless some anomynus or a
          person shows up and upsets/
          taunts/makefunof mayu, me, others
          such as Linkboy or Blue (I mean
          Damain :P) or even you. anyways,
          Im not EASILY upset.

  5. Lol, what do you mean as a widget? xD
    I was thinking a page like Your FC’s and Icons and Patterns hehe

    • A widget with a link to that Fan Art Page. Because I don’t want to have three rows above, which will hide all of my image header 😆

      • oooh ok! I cant wait 😀

        • Done ^^

  6. Aw! What a cute painting Maggie! I used to paint/draw like that when I was younger too…I miss those days 😳 xD

    Ohh and Miki, thank youuuuu for your comment on mine and Shania’s blog 😉 Maybe we can meet up sometime this week if you’re not totally busy. That way you can take me off your roster, because I don’t want to take up someones place when I’m hardly playing 😉 Hope to see you then!! 😀


    • Hi Julie and Miki!
      I wanna meet up with you guys too! I kind of stopped playing, but I really want to see you at least one more time 😮
      Well first I need to get my FC, cuz… (I happened to delete outback and stuff), but I’ll tell you when I get it.

      Miss you!

      • Haha okay Herti! Yessss I want to meet up too before I stop. ;)I haven’t played in a whileee too!! Hope to see you! When you get your fc, just post a comment on the blog or here! Thankss!! <33 ~Julie

        • My wifi is totally messed up and don’t seem to work. I really hope it will soon but i dont know…

          • Aww Herti!! How sad is this! 😥
            It would have been so nice to meet you up again, too 😦

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