Posted by: Mayu | March 23, 2010

Did you know… (Part 32: Neighbour’s Houses)

… that there is a HUGE variety of house styles in this game?

I’ve been collecting pics of various houses for half an year now, and still I haven’t figured out about the reason why we only get some sorts of houses but not the others. I’ve checked if it depends on the gate forms (green, blue or red gate) or grass shapes (circle, square, triangle form) but I couldn’t make any conclusions… oO
Maybe you can help me out?
I’ll list all my pics I’ve got so far, also if you have other house shapes in your town, please tell me and I’ll make a pic of it to put it up here ^^

I’ve listed the houses in several basic forms like roof and wall colour. In between the forms there are a lot of other variations, it’s really impressive how many different houses there are! 😮

Here we go:

Beige roof / violet-white wall

Blue roof / brown wall

Blue roof / brown-white wall

Blue roof / darkbrown wall

Blue roof / pink wall

Blue roof / violet wall

Blue roof / white-brown wall

Blue roof / white-blue wall

Brown roof / beige wall

Brown roof / violet wall

Checkered roof / green wall

Darkblue roof / white-brown wall

Green roof / beige wall

Green roof / grey wall

Green roof / white wall

Green roof / yellow wall

Grey roof / white wall

Grey roof / white-orange wall

Orange roof / orange wall

Orange roof / violet wall

Red roof / checkered wall

Red roof / white wall

Turquoise roof / white wall

Yellow roof / orange wall

Yellow roof / white wall

Click on the pics to see it enlarged 😉
A big thank you also to Teru from ACWW Happiness who offered me to use her house pictures, too. And I used lots of them xD!!



  1. Wow! I had seen diffrent houses when i go to my friends town but I never knew there was so many!

  2. WOW! I could never imagine theres that many! o0
    Great job, and SO COOL!
    Go Mayu, go go go Mayu!

    • Thx Herti xDD

      • Veeeery nice!!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! >__<
    Thanks again Mayu! XD

    • LOL, there was a lot of other stuff I wrote between the first and last thanks! Why didn’t they appear? XD

      I said that out of those styles, I only get:
      Beige roof / violet-white wall
      Blue roof / brown wall
      Checkered roof / green wall and
      Yellow roof / white wall

      But for some reason I still can’t find the really beautiful house on your list that I once saw while rebuilding. I hope it doesn’t mean it’s super rare! >_<

  4. Can evereybody get those homes? or is it assigned to a specific animal, like the checkered door home is Statics no matter what town or the pink one is Ribots ? does it work like that ?

    • naw. You can only have 3 kinds of houses in your town, and ONLY 3

      • More like “4, and ONLY 4” I think 😛 That’s how many styles of houses I have at this exact moment, all in the same town at the same time.

        • XDDD I’ve must’ve missed one… 😆 😳

          • I have the Purple roof white wall green roof white wall beige roof beige wall and the pink wall blue roof. so yeah four styles per town. (Note I’ve noticed its only the wall/roof color that varies from town to town. The shape doesn’t)

    • I think it is not assigned to a specific animal, because then it would mean that we can also get all of these houses. But I also only have like three different house styles in my town and they never changed…

    • Lol. that would’ve been hilarious/crazy. Why? There are more
      neighbors that the number of
      house types there are. 😆 but
      i hope im not gunna annoy you
      in that way, so, sry if i DID disappoint you. :| ^>_<

  5. ok, in my opinion, i think its like your town has an set gate, set grass, nooks, town hall, etc and i think its the smae for the houses

    • That would be an explanation… so maybe it’s really random what houses we get…

  6. ty Frostflame (:

    • yw

  7. In my opinion, this house from your post on Lola’s homee is still the best-looking 😀
    If you go there again Mayu, can you get a picture of it and some other houses of her town? xP
    Sorry for posting so much, even though you already have so much work! I’ve just so excited about this >_<
    I'm getting ready to rebuild.

    • Yes, I’ll still collect the house pictures and add them into this list ^^
      Thanks to you I can see now better, what houses I’ve got so far and of what should I take a pic xD, I wonder how many different house variations are in this game oO.

      • You added them! >__>) to your pictures, so feel free to use them if you have the energy to edit 😀 Only 3 are exactly the same >_<

        • Ah, jeez, it deleted a chunk of what I wrote again =_=

          Thank you for adding the house type I linked; I don’t think they were there before 🙂

          And, I created this post today: It has some pictures of houses I saw while rebuilding my town.
          I think the only style there that you don’t have is the 3rd-last picture. On top of that, nearly all the other houses differ in some small annoying way to the examples you’ve put up (like a chimney or a gable) 😛 (Only 3 exactly the same as your pics.)
          So yeah, feel free to use any pictures you see 😀

          • Ohhh thanks a lot Teru. I’ve read all your new blog entries, but weren’t able to answer yet, sorry about that. I hope I’ll come back to you today 🙂
            And thanks for your offer to take your house pictures, I appreciate it 😀 (and of course they will be watermarked of your site 😉 )

  8. i love the green roof yellow wall houses

  9. Wow! I’ve never really noticed theres that many, I’ve only ever had two different color ones! xD

  10. One of MY nieghbors had a house you don’t have up here. i feel so special XD

    • Lol. you must be veery lucky o have such a huse type! 😀 what kind of house is it?

  11. hey mayu : 3
    ich habe auch ein haus was noch nicht drin ist ^^
    ich kann ja ein foto machen und dir dann den link schicken
    dann kannst dus mit reinstellen ^^

    • ok hab sogar zwei XD

      • hab sogar 3..
        sorry für die ganzen komentare ^^’

        • vier….

    • Huhu Chihiro, das wäre natürlich klasse! 😀 Ich sammel aber auch weiterhin die Bilder, also es tut sich was in den nächsten Wochen 😉

      • oki mom. ich werde die mal hochladen ^^

  12. Wow! Das ist fantastisch!
    Ich liebe besuch deine Beiträge, wenn es Donnert und blitzt. Es ist komisch! (und seltsam fremd)!

    Great post btw, and it’s thunder and lightning here incase you didn’t get that 😉

  13. Just so you know, none of the houses in my new town are listed here. There must be LOADS of houses in this game O___o
    (and my wifi is not working >.< )

    • 😯 All in all I’ve collected 20 different house types so far. And when all of them have 8 different shapes (like the three house types I have on this list), there are 160 different houses in total!!! 😯 😯

      • heyya are you goin to add more tips on???

        • I don’t know, I have to have time for that first xP

  14. I think it depends on the type of furniture they’re into, because Apollo in my game has a house with a blue roof and a brown wall it looks like a modern house, and Apollo likes modern furniture in my ACWW.

  15. WOW alot then! In my town there is only 3-4 types of houses out the huhge list!

    By the way I’m paige’s friend we’ve spoke before. 🙂

    • Oh every town only has 3 up to 4 different house types, you can’t get all house types and it’s decided from beginning on. As far as I know from all my friends here it’s really random what house style you get 😉

  16. om ich glaub ich hab ein hause was hier nicht ist mal nach gucken tatsache

    • und angelina auch *knips*

    • Ah cool! Danke dass du nachgeschaut hast 😀

      • kein problem stell die bilde demnächst online ich hab den haustyp Blue roof / white-blue wall und da gibts ein paar die fehlen 😉

  17. I didn’t have time to count the houses but I have a possible suggestion- what if each neighbor had their own house style? I have no idea, but i just thought it might work….

    • Hmmm, but when they move to our towns, we only see them in our designated house themes and we can’t have more than 4 different house themes.
      When you count all my house pictures it’s almost up to 200 different ones, (I also haven’t counted it yet, but it’s definitely more than 156), so the idea was brilliant that it could be one for every neighbour, but the amount doesn’t fit to this theory…
      Hmmm… really interesting, lol!

      • Mayu, I worked out something!! xD Using your giant list I’ve narrowed all the house designs to 7 left-side parts and 5 right-side parts. Then there are at least 5 left-accessories (chimneys and gables) and 7 right-accessories, even though some gables may only be compatible with certain roofs.

        PLUS I bet there are still parts that I missed, so all up….. there really would be enough house designs for one per animal, even without considering the colours and styles o_o

        • Oh I just realised it sounds like I’m contradicting you but we’re saying the same thing 😛

          But yeah, my point was that each neighbour has one house layout (one specific selection of features), and the layout stays the same wherever they go ^_^ That’s something I only worked out today, too xP

          • Ohh that is really interesting, good job on working that out, let me know when you detect more of these things 😀

            • Sure thing ^_^ I’m planning to make a post about the houses after I’ve made drawings of each of the parts 😀

  18. Wow… so many! I had no idea! Some of them look really cool. 🙂

  19. Hey Mayu
    Ich habe auch ein paar Häuser gefunden die du noch nicht hast ;).
    Ich habe leider keine geeigente “ACWW-Kamera” 😀 mit der ich so “klare” Bilder machen kann.
    Vielleicht kannst du ja mal vorbeikommen (bevor die Nachbarn wegziehen) -.-‘ .
    Ich hoffe auf eine schnelle Antwort
    LG sabrina

    • Hallo Sabrina,

      ich muss erstmal meine ACWW Stadt wieder in Ordnung bringen, ich hab sie bestimmt 1 Monat nicht mehr besucht und ehrlich gesagt, traue ich mich noch nicht, den DS anzuschmeissen 😆
      Aber danke dass du an mich dabei gedacht hast 🙂

  20. Kein Problem 😀
    Ich habe auch länger nicht mehr gespielt >.<
    Aber ich habe meine Stadt jetzt voller Patterns und dann kriege ich ja kein Unkraut 😛
    Es ist schade das du nur noch morgens spielen kannst, ich würde dich gerne mal wieder treffen 😦
    Vielleicht können wir ja trotzdem mal einen Termin ausmachen, ich könnte dir auch beim Unkraut pflücken helfen 😀
    LG sabrina

  21. I saw a grey roof & brown wall!

  22. i think its that the creators of the game made a diff. house for very character. im geussing the lazy personality’s have the same colors and the peppy personality’s have the same color, and so on..

  23. I have a few houses on camera, I’m not sure if I ever sent you the pics Mayu, but I have quite a few.

  24. I have a few pics of houses, and uploaded them onto photobucket and pow next they were all gone. 😦 grr all those hours spent taking pics and uploading them. Poof. Gone. I know this happened to amy once but has anyone else witnessed this before? 😦 😦 😦

  25. Hello!

    It’s always a random match of houses that you get. Some styles seem to be “rare” but it’s actually always random.
    You’ll always have your town with about 3 different house styles. The shapes of the house is always random when a new house is made in your town.

  26. its annoyying how you get ugly houses

  27. Thx a lot Mayu!!!

  28. I agree! I still am stunned this keeps happening again and again in modern day times. This news was well received as I am not running. We would love to have pondered for the future. Anyway I will keep track of this situation to this.

  29. […] feel (either positively or negatively ). In AC:WW I reset for four specific house styles (out of the 25 there are) that I thought would match the cute colorful atmosphere I wanted for Dafdilly, and every time a […]

  30. Hey, this is years too late but thank you so much for this post, I used it extensively to plan our my dream acww town xx

  31. […] a 1 in 3 chance of getting my favorite gate, and as far as villager house exteriors go, there are 25 styles total in Wild World, but you can only have 4 in your town. So the math is getting too complicated for me now, but […]

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