Posted by: Mayu | March 18, 2010

503bells in Mitsukyo! Woooot!

Yay, this morning I had a good turnip price again 🙂

Martina also came over to sell her turnips, her turnips were soooo old, she was glad that she can buy now some new ones next sunday 😛

Isn’t that a lovely price for 1500 turnips? :mrgreen:
I ♥ you, Nook!! xDD

It was nice again with you Martina! 😀

And I was so happy about all the bells lying around in my main room xP.
Tee hee!!! :mrgreen:



  1. Ooooh, how many bells did you get altogether?

    • It was around 4,1 mio bells that day 😉

  2. On the last picture, on the bottom left corner, are those some kind of strange lamps? because it looks like you can only get them in Japan

    • No this is a Maytroshka, a Gulliver item ^^ , the three Russian dolls. You can see them only from backwards on this pic 😉

      • Wow! those look COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT than i saw in the catolog! 😆

      • hmm, even though im still young, i think i’ve had on of those kinds of 3-yr-old toys that are smaller versions of russian dolls where you put one on the other…

        • lol yes, we also had some of these dolls at home xD

  3. noooooooooooooooooo
    >:O 500 bells??? the highest price this week was 177. -.- lol XD

  4. wow! so many bells!

  5. you look cute in the last pic 🙂

  6. Mayu, I have to restart AGAIN 😦 I got a new ds so… I’ll post my new fc in a sec! It will still be Emma in Desiree, always is so just the fc 🙂

  7. awwwww How could you have that much money i want that many money to remodel my house

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